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As I noted in the intro to the first round of HeroesCon 2014 Day 1 photos, I tried to cover a lot of ground in taking photographs. It turns out I got around to so many people on the first day that I needed to split the photos into two posts. Now on with part II!

Schedule permitting, Francavilla is working on his next Black Beetle miniseries for Dark Horse, but at present his main focus and source of creative enjoyment is the critically acclaimed and successful Afterlife with Archie ongoing series.

Judy Glass is busy editing Mice Templar. In addition to his ongoing work on Mice Templar,  Bryan J.L. Glass is quite pleased with the response so far on his new superhero series (with artist Victor Santos) for Dark Horse, Furious.

Beyond the upcoming Futures End #21, which he is drawing, Hamner fans will have to wait a bit longer before he will be able to announce what else is in his creative pipeline. But he assured me an announcement would happen eventually.

Good things come to those who wait. Doyle assures me that news about her next miniseries should be announced very soon.

Clark is currently working on the second volume of his Oni Press graphic novel series, MEGAGOGO, as well as some Adventure Time projects for BOOM! Studios. In chatting with Clark, it quickly became apparent how much the former Atlanta resident relishes working as part of the Portland-based Periscope Studio.

The Marvel artist remains busy doing the spectacular All-New X-Factor covers, as well as his interior work on Uncanny X-Men.

On the immediate creative horizon for artist Maybury, issue 4 of Sovereign, the series he co-created with writer Chris Roberson is out this Wednesday from Image Comics. Then next month, his work on Catalyst Comix with Joe Casey will be collected from Dark Horse. In addition, he is currently editing an anthology, Hunters, with Josh Tierney.

I enjoyed getting a chance to chat with Naifeh about his new Oni Press series, Princess Ugg. The concept (a barbarian princess attending a princess school) seems like a story with endlessly entertaining possibilities.

Added bonus: later on I ran into Naifeh soon after he set aside this Mr. Fantastic commission he had been working on (see photo below).

Anyone looking at the issues of Gerads' Punisher work for Marvel hopefully can tell how much he is enjoying the opportunity.

In addition to his ongoing Avengers Undercover series at Marvel, Hopeless informed me that there would be a second Dark Horse miniseries for The Answer!

Colorists Jordan Boyd and Nick Filardi are two names you should already recognize, but if you don't it is quite likely you soon will.

You can tell Lee cannot wait for when she can talk about who will be publishing the second installment of the Dapper Men trilogy, which will be called Time of the Dapper Men. She and Dapper Man co-creator Jim McCann are clearly eager to jump back into the Dapper Man universe. Lee also noted that when the second installment is released, the publisher intends to issue a paperback edition of the first book, The Return of the Dapper Men. She also noted that the third book will be called World of the Dapper Men.

Bonus material: Lee allowed me to photograph a page from Time of the Dapper Man (see below)


Pitzer's Adhouse Books was well represented at HeroesCon this year, particularly given that Noah Van Sciver's new book, Youth is Wasted, made its debut at the con.

When you're as talented as Darrow, you can pose any way you want for a photo. And like many storytellers as incredible as he is, his talent is only surpassed by his modesty. It was a sheer delight to chat with him briefly on Friday.

Writer/artist Smith will be launching a new project, übërbälööns (clearly he is a creator who loves the umlaut), in the next month or so at his site.

Artists Marquez (Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man) and Townsend (Uncanny X-Men) are both quite busy at Marvel.

Writer/artist/publisher/person of many talents Tommaso is really gearing things up with his Recoil line of crime/suspense graphic novels. HeroesCon served as the site for the debut of the newest Recoil comic, Cold Crew, by Athens, Georgia-based writer/artist Dean.

In a little more than three days, I expect Azaceta's name will be popping up even more frequently at your friendly neighborhood comic book news/review sites. Why? The first issue of Robert Kirkman and Azaceta's new horror series, Outcast, goes on sale this Wednesday. With every series I have ever read involving Azaceta, his art has only gotten better each time. I cannot wait to see what he brings to the table when teaming with someone like Kirkman.

Yes, Marvel has definitely filled Latour's dance card on the writing front with Wolverine and the X-Men. I am an unabashed Latour fan, as longtime readers likely know. But let me make one thing clear: if you are not reading his and Jason Aaron's Southern Bastards (two issues out so far) please remedy that situation as soon as possible.

Not to be a stuck record, but again, Scalera's art on Black Science makes the series a must read.

Sure Zahler is the most photogenic creator I know. But I love this shot and saved it for last due to the emotional yin and yang of Zahler juxtaposed with that one angry looking Little Pony. IDW is keeping the writer/artist busy with My Little Pony. And of course, never forget the series that he is best known for: Love and Capes.

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