HeroesCon ’14 | Day 3 photos

In the final day of HeroesCon, I was fortunate enough to meet an equal mix of industry legends and new (to me) creators. Also, if you look over the previous photo posts (Day 1, More Day 1, Day 2), you see a trend of some folks giving me the thumbs up. Had I requested the pose, the trend would not be worth noting. But I didn't; some people just opted to go for the whimsical look, and I love it. My thanks to every creator over the three days who took a moment to pose for a photo (in some cases more than a few times).

Box Brown: Tumblr, Twitter

Erica Henderson: Tumblr, Twitter, website

Another creator who's also a friend of mine, Lewis (Tumbr, Twitter) had recently added this artistic effect to her hairstyle. She obliged my request to photograph it.

Ron Garney: website

Tom Scioli: Tumblr, Twitter, website

Eric Powell: Twitter, website; The first issue of The Goon: Occasion of Revenge hits bookshelves on July 23.

Rafael Albuquerque: Twitter, website

My 14-year old son joined me for the last day of the con. While he has read comics since he was a toddler, he has yet to check out any Los Bros. Hernandez. I will fully admit I was nervous taking these two photos, given who they are and what they mean to the industry. I said as much to my son afterward. He asked why, so I explained that the Bros. are the indie equivalent of Stan Lee. That made sense to him, but I think it was a bad comparison in retrospective; it would be more apt to say they are the indie equivalent of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko combined.

Jaime Hernandez: Twitter

Gilbert Hernandez: Fantagraphics

In briefly speaking with Kevin Maguire (Twitter), I mistakenly asked what he was doing for DC. He politely explained he had taken a break from producing comic books, but then stressed he had plans to return to comics work, only in the creator-owned realm (publisher to be determined).

Mark Waid: Thrillbent, Twitter, Alter Ego Comics

Bill Sienkiewicz: Twitter, website

Art Adams was another creator I had never met -- and was nervous to meet. So after introducing myself I clumsily said, "Thanks for the years of incredible storytelling." To which Adams rightly and wittily replied, "I'm not dead yet."

Frank J. Barbiere (Twitter, Tumblr, website) and Lauren Affe (website) were my favorite "thumbs up" photos. Why? Affe, who's coloring Barbiere's Five Ghosts (among other projects) mocked Barbiere from her neighboring booth as he posed for his photo and then promptly did the pose herself (again in a mocking fashion). Her recreation was too great not to share.

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