Heroes, Wolverine, Wonder Woman: September 12th Comic Reel


Herosite has a gaggle of new stuff, including the official network description for this season's third episode, "One Of Us, One Of Them." As well, they've added photos to their image galleries for the season premiere and second episode.


While the men of the movie worked out, Silver Fox had a different regimen, or so actress Lynn Collins told MTV "They were all on super-buff diets, and I had pizza most of the time," said Collins. "They were so jealous of me. I didn't have to beef up in this movie. I just had to wear skimpy clothes."


Speaking of MTV, they also posted brief results of their chat with producer Leonard Goldberg. "I can only speak for myself ... I would like it to be more current," Goldberg said. "I hope that we don't finally wind up doing the same story again: Steve Trevor flying, and his plane crashes onto the island [of Themyscira, Wonder Woman's matriarchal homeland]. He's supposed to be executed, and she saves his life. Perhaps we'll do that in a very abbreviated fashion up front, and then come up with a story that no one has seen yet."


CBR News sat down with creator Mark Millar and talked about all his myriad movie moves.

There were also a couple of interesting casting notices posted for the project.


Actress Erica Durance sets records straight and drops some gems of knowledge in the first part of an interview with TV Guide.

Kryptonsite has new promotional images for the eighth season premiere as well as the September 25th episode "Plastique."


What would Sam L. Jackson's personal make up artist have to talk about? We got an email from Coratelli noting this interview (scroll down for English).


Superhero Hype caught some quotes from director Jon Favreau, talking about the tone of the sequel. "We're making our own story," Favreau said. "Although, I'll tell you which ones we're looking at very closely, not so much for story, but for tone and the way it's been executed -- it's the Matt Fraction stuff. I haven't talked to him yet, but we want to talk to him and get him out here and get [comic book] Adi [Granov] out here and get some of the real defining lines from the book, but the Fraction series seems to be informed as much by our movie as it is by what happened with Iron Man before. So it's a very curious combination. I'm dabbling [in comics] writing the 'Viva Las Vegas' books and it's fun, and I read what he does and it's like, 'Wow, this guy is really true to treating it like with a seriousness that you would a movie or a book.' For me it's like all the stuff that I can't do in a movie and see what Adi comes up with drawing. But there's a different approach. The Fraction series is informed by current events and what's going on in the world. I'm very impressed by what he's written."


Director DJ Caruso did some wishlisting for UGO's Movie Blog, noting his biggest challenge would be casting Dr. Mann. "Everyone's like 'Lucy Liu' or dah dah dah.  I don't know!  It's really hard because you want to have this ... whew.  I don't know to be quite honest ... actually 711 is in this.  Do you remember 711?  She's in our screenplay too.  So I've given a lot of thought to 711 ... but 355 ... I don't know the right answer because that's this really Stanford, MIT type of intelligence, and at the same time she's asked to do a lot of interesting things and the whole thing with the cloning.  You really want Dr. Mann to be believable.  And believe it or not, Dr. Mann definitely is involved majorly in the first ... in the beginning of this, but we don't really get into the Dr. Mann stuff, or deeper into the Dr. Mann stuff, until, God willing, if we get into the second movie."


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