10 Heroes Everyone Forgets Has Beaten Thor

Thor is one of the strongest warriors in Marvel comics. Imbued with the powers of an Asgardian god, there are few opponents who can truly defeat him. Between his powers to summon lightning and his indestructible hammer Mjolnir, the thunder god has many tricks up his sleeve.All of that being said, there are a few heroes that have managed to best Thor over the years. While some heroes are powerful enough that their defeat of Thor would be expected, there are others that everyone has forgotten were able to beat Thor. Here are the top ten heroes everyone forgets has beaten Thor, ranked.

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10 Angela

During the Original Sin storyline in the comics, it was revealed that Thor and Loki had a secret sister, Angela. Raised in the realm of Heven, Angela is just as powerful as her two male siblings.

In order to find their sister, the two Asgardian brothers enter the tenth realm of Heven. As they arrive, an army of battle-ready Angels descends upon them. Loki, as expected, slips away while Thor takes on the angelic forces. As the fight draws to a close, Angela arrives and quickly finishes off the battle-weary Thor.

9 Scarlet Witch

During the Uncanny Avengers series, the Red Skull steals the brain of the recently deceased Charles Xavier. Ultimately absorbing Xavier's telepathic powers, Red Skull then sends Thor's mind into a frenzy, causing the Asgardian god to go on a rampage.

As Thor quickly defeats every member of the Avengers, Scarlet Witch is the only one standing with any chance of stopping him. Utilizing her mystical abilities, Scarlet Witch uses a spell to send Thor flying deep into the atmosphere.

8 Red Hulk

Hoping to harness the power of the Hulk for his plans, General Thunderbolt Ross undergoes an experiment that turns him into the Red Hulk. This new Red Hulk wasn't just as powerful as the original, but possibly even stronger.

In his first encounter with the god of thunder, Ross was easily able to defeat Thor. Thor hit Red Hulk with everything he had. This merely left Ross laughing at how much stronger he was than the mighty Asgardian. In order to finish him off, Red Hulk grabs Mjolnir (the hammer is floating in zero gravity, negating its spell) and finishes Thor off with his own weapon.

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7 Hercules

Although many of Marvel's most popular gods come from Norse myth, it also has many gods from the Greek pantheon. The most notable of these is the demigod Hercules. Within Marvel lore, Hercules has defended the Earth for many years, joining superhero teams such as the Avengers for long stints.

The son of Zeus has had many battles with Thor, and they have traded victories many times over the years. While Hercules is by no means decisively stronger than Thor, he has proven himself to be at least on par with the Norse god.

6 Doctor Strange

Master of the mystic arts, Doctor Strange has long been one of the Marvel universe's most powerful magic users. Physically powerful characters such as Hulk and Thor can sometimes be easily defeated by using unconventional means of attack such as magic.

During one of Strange's adventures, Thor, and the entire Avengers team, is being controlled by the villainous Daniel Drumm. Drumm sends this mind-controlled team of Avengers to defeat Doctor Strange. One by one, Strange dispatches with each Avenger, including the god of thunder himself.

5 Beta Ray Bill

A fan-favorite Marvel character, Beta Ray Bill is one of the more interesting Marvel heroes, to say the least. Hailing from a race of horse-like aliens called Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill is one of the few beings proven to be worthy of picking up Thor's hammer.

Once Odin learned that Bill was able to pick up the hammer he summoned the Korbinite, along with his son, to engage in a duel for the hammer. While the two warriors manage to simultaneously knock each other out, it is Bill who wakes up first. Instead of rewarding the Korbinite with Mjolnir, Odin has another hammer for him, this one called Stormbreaker.

4 Conan the Barbarian

One of the oldest Marvel heroes from prehistoric times, Conan the Barbarian was just as fierce as many of the comics modern-day vigilantes. Although not a god, Conan possessed great enough strength to take on the most lethal Much of this was of opponents.

During a battle with the Odinson, Conan was actually able to win. Thor had been cut off from Asgard which greatly reducing his strength. Nonetheless, it was an impressive victory for the barbarian.

3 Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is the but of a lot of jokes in Marvel comics. To continue this comedic trend, many Marvel writers have decided to make the quirky hero seemingly unbeatable in more recent issues.

When an evil clone of Squirrel Girl is set loose on the world, it spells trouble for the female-Thor and her team of Avengers. This Squirrel Girl electrocuted the heroes and then banished them to the Negative Zone.

2 Ghost Rider

Doctor Strange once surmised that Ghost Rider is possible the most powerful being in the entire universe. Although he doesn't often access the upper limits of his power, Ghost Rider sure has the potential to defeat the strongest of heroes.

When Ghost Rider loses control and goes off on a rampage, the Avengers step in to stop the demonic hero. Ghost Rider easily mops the floor with the Avengers and is able to pick up Mjolnir and knock out Thor using his own hammer.

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1 Superman

Superman Year One feature

There was a time when DC and Marvel were much more willing to work together. During this period, comics fans got to see many great crossovers between the two comic universes.

During the JLA/Avengers crossover in 2003, Thor came face to face with the man of steel, Superman. Although at first, they appear to be evenly matched, Superman is able to use his unprecedented levels of strength to land a powerful punch that knocked the Norse god out.

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