Heroes, Watchmen, Green Lantern: September 30th Comic Reel


Director Greg Beeman posted a new (and of course spoilerish) blog about last night's episode.

CBR News talked to actor Masi Oka about what's next for his character.


UGO spoke to effects wizard Alan McFarland about some of his favorite work in the project. "From the standpoint of the most technically difficult scene to pull of with Dr. M, I recall it being in his laboratory when you see four of him," McFarland said. "You see a glimpse of that in the trailer. We had to have Billy plus three other body doubles in identical mo-cap suits to pull that off, and it was very early in shooting Dr. Manhattan, so we were new to the process. It was a real trial-by-fire on that day."


First Showing caught up with producer Donald De Line about the Greg Berlanti-directed project. "He told me that 'a new draft of the script came in' and they're 'gearing up to start shooting early spring.' While it's not confirmed, he added that 'it's coming together and I'm excited about it. Hopefully we'll make it to start gate. We're really close -- really close.'"


CBR News talked to the stars of the hit NBC series, discussing season two.


According to Variety, Marvel has extended their deal with Paramount, which will distribute their future films "Iron Man 2" (May 7, 2010), "Thor" (July 16, 2010, and Kenneth Branagh has been confirmed as the director), "The First Avenger: Captain America" (May 6, 2011) and "The Avengers" (July 15, 2011).


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