Heroes, Transformers, Speed Racer, Ocean: March 12th Comic Reel Wrap


How about some spoilers big enough to shake a nuke at? Right here at CBR we've got a piece examining preview footage shown at the Museum of Television & Radio's Paley Festival, and it's a doozy.

Actor Malcolm McDowell was also interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, and Herosite has some spoilerish highlights from there.

Finally, Herosite also has an interview with "Smallville" alumna and new Hero (heroine, rather) Missy Peregrym.


Sci Fi Wire has an article about producer Stephen Spielberg fighting the MPAA's desire to give the film an "R" rating. "Spielberg fought back and got the PG-13," actor Shia LaBeouf said. "It's just because of the intensity. There are not a lot of breathers. It's like whoosh! We went to get our MPAA rating, and this movie is for the masses, and we got an R rating because of the tension. Not because of the curse words or nudity, but for sheer intensity. It's aneurysm-inducing."

LaBeouf also confirmed for IGN that he's signed on for sequels, but that he originally had concerns about the green screen interaction with some of the other characters. "There's things you f***ing hate in that type of movie, and there's things that you do enjoy," said LaBeouf. "But it's a totally different thing. You show up [for 'Disturbia'] and you have David Morse to act off of. There's a security to it as opposed to [acting opposite] a ball and stick [in 'Transformers']. There's no way of telling if you and this robot -- even after you've gotten your performance down, you've got animators that are going to take the robot and animate it. So it's a 50/50 play and you don't really know how it's going to turn out. Where as in 'Disturbia' you could go back and look at the monitor and see if you felt it or not; in 'Transformers,' we never had that. It was always this ambiguous 'maybe it'll work, maybe it won't' through the whole production. There was no security. And the relationship I had with [director Michael] Bay was not this nurturing, pat on the back [thing]. He was General Patton and you kind of have to be to make those movies."


A press release on Businesswire reveals that the Mach 5 will race into theatres two weeks earlier than previously announced, debuting on May 9, 2008.


In an interview here at CBR, producer Gianni Nunnari clears up the confusion about his company developing an adaptation of the Warren Ellis mini-series.


Kryptonsite chimes in with fresh spoilers showcasing the title and air date for the season finale, revealing which cast member will have a surprise then as well.


If you're into shaky-cam, in-theatre video, you can check out the trailer that screened with prints of "300" this weekend.


Director Zack Snyder had some interesting things to say to Suicide Girls about what he has planned for the Alan Moore adaptation. The thing about Watchmen is that I'm looking to make a movie that looks more like 'Taxi Driver' than Dick Tracy [laughs]. People bring that up to me 'Is it like 'Dick Tracy?'' because that's colorful. Watchmen as a printed medium references comic books itself. It goes 'Look, I'm a comic book' and you read it, you're like 'You're f***ing blowing my mind!' But that's what it tries to do, it draws you in by being a comic book. I think my responsibility is to draw the audience in by saying 'Look I'm just a movie' and then you get in there and it f***s you up. That's my hope anyway. It is a weird movie. When you see the trailer and you go 'Okay that looks like Richard Nixon. Dude that blue guy is in f***ing Vietnam, what is this?' There's a song you can not put in a Vietnam war movie and it's 'Ride Of the Valkyries' which should not be put it in any movie because of 'Apocalypse Now.' But in 'Watchmen,' you can imagine a sequence in 'Watchmen' where Dr. Manhattan is 100 feet tall stomping through the jungles of Vietnam with Hueys all over him, zapping the Vietcong while 'Ride of the Valkyries' is playing. It is transcendent of itself so you can reference 'Apocalypse Now' and that's okay. It is pop culture."


Access Hollywood has some behind the scenes video from the set of the Tim Story-helmed sequel, and if you can get it to load, IESB has a look at a Silver Surfer standing display from the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas last weekend.


According to Ain't It Cool News, "they've spoken to Gary Foster (producer of 'GHOST RIDER') about shooting the GR sequel in Melbourne, and discussed with him the idea of using an Australian actor as the main villain."


Marvel's Peter Cuneo is quoted at XMenFilms.net talking about the legal niceties in making gajillions of movie dollars. "All of our film deals with studio partners allow them to continue to have the rights as long as they make the sequels within a prescribed time frame," Cuneo said. "That time frame varies from deal to deal. If they donÕ t make the sequel, then the rights revert back to Marvel. You do sometimes hear the studios saying this is the last of the 'blank' films -- in our case thatÕs probably unlikely if a successful franchise. I certainly would include 'X-Men,' probably 'Fantastic Four' and thatÕs with Fox. Wolverine is the most popular of the X-Men, and Fox is talking about with Hugh Jackman making a WOLVERINE film which would qualify in a sense as 'X-MEN 4.' That may very well in fact be out in 2008 or certainly by 2009 if they go ahead, but Fox is very adept at making a quality film very quickly."


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