Heroes, Thulsa Doom, Hercules: July 23rd Comic Reel


Actor Milo Ventimiglia was quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about how he feels reactions will go with this season's plotlines.  "I think a lot of people are going to be shocked," Ventimiglia said.  Not only between the opening moments of the season, but every single scene of every single character that comes through. I think people are really going to be excited, surprised, fascinated. I mean, I flip through the scripts just as fast as I can, and I'm blown away by what I see, and I'm really excited to see, like, the 'holy s**t!' moments, you know?" 


CBR News has an exclusive interview with actor Djimon Hounsou about taking on the Robert E. Howard character.  


According to Variety, director Peter Berg is adapting the Radical Publishing property.  "What resonated for them was that this was character driven, about a character who's more man than god, with conflicts and redemption," Levine said.  The film will be a co-production of Spyglass Entertainment, Berg's Film 44 and Radical Pictures. Spyglass and Universal will co-finance the film.


Variety also reports that Bryan Singer has a new comic book collaboration for the cinema ... this time with Rob Liefeld.  Warner Bros. has acquired the adaptation based on Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld's upcoming comic where two slackers become paparazzi who specialize in shooting covert videos of superheroes find themselves on the run after they stumble onto evidence that a revered superhero is actually a villain.  Singer will produce while J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani will write the script.


Variety was busy today.  The trade noted that Summit Entertainment acquired the rights to the Virgin Comics action thriller graphic novel about a man perceived to be part of an awful prophecy.  


Actor Matthew Goode, who plays Ozymandias, took part in three recent interviews. He told the Orlando Sentinel that he's a bit worried about this weekend.  "I was frightened as hell when I realized what sort of fan-base this thing has," Goode said. "Everybody says, 'These fans are just insane.' But that's not it. They're unbelievably intelligent and they know the material almost too well. That's what's scary. That book is the bible to them. But our bible is the script, an adaptation of the novel."

At Ain't It Cool News, Goode said, "Well, we had these huge, huge sets. There's so much attention to detail, and they had this massive backlot, which was New York. It was incredible. And thank God because it is the 'Citizen Kane' of graphic novels. It needs to be visionary and real. We're actually not as accepting of false things these days. We want to go back to old school and the scale of a 'Citizen Kane.' I f**king hate CGI." 

Finally, at Collider said, "My fears were and this might sound awful ... that it was going to be a kind of 'Fantastic 4' thing and he was like 'let me f**king tell you, if my movie ends up being anything like that then I've not done my job properly.'  And I don't mean that to be totally against that film but as in just for me he really put my mind at rest and he got on and he told me what his vision was going to be for it and I was like, wow."


Marvel Animation Age has a partial cast listing of the voice talent for the animated feature, which could be considered spoilery, if one were thinking about it that way.


More record setting?  All right -- back to Box Office Mojo, which reports that Monday's take of $24.5 million makes it the fourth largest Monday in cinematic history.  The domestic total is $182.9 million.  For your information, the record for a film to hit $200 million is eight days ... and it's wholly probable that "The Dark Knight" can do it in six.  


Kryptonsite notes that actress Kristin Kreuk will be signing at Comic-Con on Thursday from 12-1 at the Capcom booth.


Cartoon Network has announced that they've acquired the rights to "Mice Templar " and "Firebreather" for development as animated movies, as well as IDW's "The Vanishers," which is slated to be a live action movie. CBR News has more info here.


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