Heroes, The Spirit, Transformers, FF2: November 21st Comic Reel Wrap


Busy day for the hit NBC series. First, right here at CBR we've got an inside look at the latest episode, thanks to staff writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.

Meanwhile, TV Guide is reporting that "Star Trek" alumnus George Takei has been cast as the father of "Star Trek" fan Hiro.

Finally, Variety notes that Jessaslyn Gilsig ("Nip/Tuck," "Boston Public") will appear in a multiepisode arc.


CBR's own Rich Johnston has a first look at a Frank Miller-drawn image for the Will Eisner adaptation.


Actor Josh Duhamel was interviewed by Black FIlm about a scene in the new movie featuring a Decepticon called Vortex. "I play Captain Lennox and I'm captain of this special ops team in Iraq," Duhamel said, "and we're coming back from this mission and we're about ready to start going home when Vortex comes in as a U.S helicopter and basically transforms and incinerates the base. So then we run for the desert and somehow end up finding our way back and get into communication with the U.S. and they come get us, and then we go back."


MTV has posted a set diary from the Vancouver-shooting Marvel sequel, which shows Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd and Chris Evans talking about the progress.


IESB has a new video interview with actor Aaron Ashmore talking about what we can expect on the hit CW series.


Movie maker Steven Spielberg wanted to assure media executives that giant robots hadn't taken his whole focus. He's quoted at Variety saying that he's not done with the French character. Their article says, "As for 'Tintin,' Spielberg recalled that he had first acquired the rights to that character back in 1983 and later re-established the option to do something with the French comic character."


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