10 Superheroes That Captain America Can't Stand (10 He Gets Along With)

A lot of heroes look up to Captain America because of who he is and what he represents. With the help of some ice and his excellent physical condition, Steve has operated as a hero across more decades than most. Through his time as the Star-Spangled Avengers, Steve's had the opportunity to tub shoulders with the best and brightest of several generations. Whether with a partner, sidekick or as part of a team, Cap has formed a lot of strong bonds. He has gone through wars with his fellow heroes, staved off alien invasions with them and even defied Gods. These herculean tasks have cemented several of his fellow heroes as people he trusts and values. Given that Steve is one of the greatest tacticians in the Marvel Universe, having reliable heroes to direct is important to him.

On the other hand, Steve has also come into contact with heroes he doesn't work well with. For someone with strong ideals like Cap, he's willing to dig his heels in to oppose views he thinks are harmful. He famously stood against the US government during Civil War, on behalf of a large portion of his peers. At times, Rogers has even come to blows with his fellow supers, when talk would no longer resolve their differences. Despite his personal feelings, Steve isn't naive, he still sees the value in everyone. Even though Captain America stands for all, he doesn't have to like 'em! We take a look at his friends he's found and teammates he's tackled.

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Iron Man fighting Captain America in Civil War Comic
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Iron Man fighting Captain America in Civil War Comic

Friction between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers is nothing new, the two heroes' strong personalities often clash. The most infamous clash between the two Avengers, was Civil War. Tony wanted superheroes to be government registered and Steve opposed this, citing that the government should not have control over superhero identities.

Over several skirmishes, the two beat each other senseless, with Steve stopping and surrendering to the police after beating down Tony in their final fight of the war. In the events of Time Runs Out, the Marvel Universe collapses with the two old friends, now enemies, fighting one another in power armor.



Steve is a big fan of Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics 616 universe. Admiring that Peter does what he can with what he has, and always does what's right, Steve endorsed Peter whenever he could. Whenever the debate for adding Spidey to the Avengers came up, Captain America would champion it. Though Avengers like Iron Man and Swordsman opposed the idea, citing Peter was too green, Steve challenged this.

Steve eventually had his way and Peter now enjoys membership on the Avengers alongside him. In another, rather hilarious incident, Steve also forced J. Jonah Jameson to publish an article about Spider-Man's heroics following Spider-Island. This reluctant endorsement of Spider-Man raised the blood pressure of the aggravated publisher tenfold.


Hawkeye is one of the most abrasive Avengers owing to his passion, cutting wit and hotheadedness. This contrasts against the measured and patient style of the more traditional Captain America. This has caused the two to argue across the years, with Hawkeye even undermining Cap's decisions at times.

Though there's no doubt Hawkeye frustrates Steve, but he does not let it affect his respect for the archer. Steve acknowledges that there is a time, place and purpose for Hawkeye's way of doing things. Despite his personal grievances, Steve appointed Clint as leader of the Secret Avengers, a team more fitting to his methods.



Wolverine and Captain America have a storied friendship, they have both been around for a long time. They worked together, along with Nick Fury, across several wars including Nick's personal war against Latveria in Secret War. Logan respects Cap and the feeling is mutual, with both of them currently enjoying membership alongside one another on the Avengers.

In Avengers Vs. X-Men, Wolverine remained on the side of the conflict represented by Cap. Both heroes felt they understood the full gravity of the situation and wanted to work together to resolve it. Though Steve didn't exactly agree with Logan's lethal methodology and kicked him out of a moving Quinjet, it didn't bruise their friendship at all.



Though Punisher idolizes Steve Rogers, Cap certainly does not approve of Frank Castle. Cap does not agree with the brutal methods of the Punisher and as such does not consider him a reliable ally. Steve himself is no angel, having taken lives before, but only sees fatal conflict as a last resort.

During Civil War, after saving Spider-Man from peril and delivering him to Steve for medical assistance, things looked like they could finally be looking up between the two. However, when some supervillains appeared and asked to join Cap's resistance, Frank eliminated them. For doing that needlessly, Cap deemed Frank a madman and cast him out.


Captain America Thor FCBD

Thor and Captain America have been alongside each other on countless iterations of the Avengers. Cap trusts Thor to bring his power to the fore and Thor trusts Cap to direct him where he's needed most. During Thor: Disassembled, where Ragnarok was raging in Asgard, Cap was one of the first people Thor called for assistance. Additionally, when Bucky returned as the new Captain America in Secret Invasion, Thor came to help immediately.

Being an Asgardian God who is a fair few years old, Thor shares a lot of traditionally good values with Steve. The things that make Thor worthy of Mjolnir are also reflected in Steve. This was shown during Fear Itself, where Steve lifted Mjolnir to rally Earth's heroes.


Gamora as Requiem with her Sword

Steve doesn't always get along with overly aggressive heroes. Gamora is one of the aforementioned aggressive heroes, though her rage is often understandable. Most recently, powered by the aggression she has for her father, Thanos, she embarked on a quest for the Infinity Stones.

Wanting to reclaim the portion of her soul that was trapped inside the Soul World within the Soul Stone, Gamora came into contention with the Avengers. After defeating the heroes and assembling the stones, she forcibly melded Cap and Dr. Strange together in an extremely painful fusion. Eventually, they would fully merge into the Soldier Supreme, but there's definitely a score to settle now.


Luke Cage Captain America Spider-Man Cover

Luke Cage was one of Captain America's most vehement supporters during Civil War. Due to Luke's close operation to street-level heroics alongside the likes of Iron Fist and Daredevil, he opposed the Superhuman Registration Act. Steve believed that having the government register heroes and use them as a sanctioned force would lead to worst-case scenarios.

One scenario Cap put forward was that the government could start dictating who was a villain, and set heroes on them. Cap understood the need for heroes like Luke Cage to remain above the law, as they did not have the sway or resources to operate effectively within the registration system.


Contention between Cyclops of the X-Men and Steve Rogers arose when the Phoenix Force was said to be returning to Earth. Scott saw it as a rebirth for the mutant race but Cap had reservations about its destructive nature. Hope Summers was the focal point for the entity, so Steve wanted to take her into custody, whereas Cyclops wanted to welcome its power.

Though the two leaders once respected one another, there was no compromise to be found. What followed was the Avengers Vs. X-Men event, which saw the two super-teams battle feverishly. Cyclops was changed forever by the events, becoming an internationally pursued extremist. He would be a problem for Steve and the Avengers from that point on.


Falcon and Captain America

Sam Wilson is one of Steve Rogers' best friends. The two heroes share a bond that was above and beyond the relationships Steve has formed with even the most tenured Avengers. Sam helped Steve acclimate to the modern-day and also helped him cope with the trauma he suffered after being trapped in Dimension Z.

The standing that Falcon has as Cap's right hand saw him take up the mantle of Captain America for a time. Though public opinion was famously split over his appointment, none of it mattered. Sam had the nod from the original Cap who was his best friend, and that's all the approval Sam needed.


Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic

One firm antagonist for Steve during Civil War, Reed Richards believed in the Superhuman Registration Act. However, Mr. Fantastic operates on a different level to regular heroes, so he's a little out of touch with the common man. Steve, however, understands the importance of secret identity retention.

Where Reed Richards' identity is public and he enjoys the security of the Baxter Building, not everyone else does. Heroes like Daredevil and Spider-Man have regular lives and their identity being public could put their lives in danger. Mr. Fantastic also built the prison 42 complex in the Negative Zone to house Captain America's captured allies during the war.


Bucky Barnes Captain America

Bucky and Cap's partnership is legendary, the two heroes have worked together since World War Two. Though Bucky was believed to have been lost in the war, he returned as the Winter Soldier. Brainwashed, Bucky was a thorn in Cap's side for a while until his true identity was revealed.

Bucky was able to be reformed, allowing the two old friends to rebuild and strengthen their bond. When Steve was seemingly taken out after Civil War, Bucky took up the mantle of Captain America to honor his friend. Their bond has even been developed throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.


Hank Pym is another Avenger who stood against Steve during the superhuman Civil War. Hank brought his scientific acumen to the pro-registration forces, helping with the creation of a robot clone of Thor. This clone would go on to claim the life of fellow Avenger, Goliath, after turning out to be far too aggressive.

Seeing Hank as one of the biggest threats to his resistance, Steve painted a target on him. Cap had the Young Avengers attack and capture Hank, replacing him with Hulkling. Hulking, owing to his shapeshifting abilities, was able to operate as Hank, giving Cap unrestricted access to confidential information.


When Flash Thompson was selected as part of the Agent Venom project by the US government, it was Steve Rogers who oversaw some of his first missions. Flash had looked up to Steve, being a former military man himself. Flash's ability to do what was right despite having the Venom symbiote influencing him impressed Cap.

During Spider-Island, Agent Venom and Captain America teamed up to help defeat the Spider-Queen. While there were other heroes involved in the battle, these two were the first on the scene. When Flash initially found he was finally fighting alongside his hero, he was over the moon!


Captain America represents the ideals of the American people, while the Red Guardian does the same for Russians. During the Cold War, Red Guardian was Steve's direct competition. Though much like the actual Cold War, there wasn't much open conflict between the two, they were always working to undermine one another.

Though relations between the two and their respective countries are not as hostile as they once were, Steve is still wary of his former rival. The heroes are very similar, down to their use of a shield as their weapon of choice. Despite their similarities, they can never fully see eye to eye.


Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor and Cap, along with Bucky, worked alongside each other to push back the Axis forced during World War Two. Atlantis appreciated the need for them to step in and assist the Allied Nations, most notably the USA. Namor was part of the Invaders, an early super-team comprised of allied wartime superheroes.

Namor also answered the call when Captain America was besieged by Stark's forces during Civil War. In the final confrontation, Namor and the forces of Atlantis arrived to even the odds. Though Namor can be overly aggressive and contentious at times, his longstanding friendship with Cap is a dependable one.


Cap vs Gambit

If Captain America didn't have a problem with Gambit before Avengers Vs. X-Men, he sure did after it. There were many battles during the story arc but perhaps one of the most physical was between Cap and Gambit. The wily cajun found himself looking Rogers in the eyes, needing to hold him off while the X-Men stalled for time.

Cap thought to dispatch Remy with his shield, as is his go-to move. However, Gambit threw the shield back, charged with kinetic energy from his mutant powers. The shield didn't explode, owing to the Vibranum inside of it, but the energy was released nonetheless, almost knocking Steve out. Cap emerged from the explosion quite peeved.


Another of Cap's World War Two allies, Jim Hammond was the original Human Torch. An Android capable of generating perpetual flame, he provided the well-needed fire support (pun intended) for the First Avenger. Jim joined Steve on the Invaders alongside the likes of Namor, Bucky, and Union Jack.

Due to their friendship, and Steve knowing he could rely on the seasoned hero, Jim was recruited into Cap's Secret Avengers. Jim helped quell the uprising of hostile androids who took the life of former Ant-Man, Eric O'Grady. Showing that he's just as adaptable to the changing times as Rogers, Jim now works for S.H.I.E.L.D.


John Walker shares a few similarities with Steve Rogers, although the two often do not see things the same way. In fact, John once went by the name Super Patriot and rebuked Cap, stating that only he stood for real American ideals. The frustrating part about it was that Super Patriot would go on to save Washington D.C. from a nuclear attack, endearing himself to people as a hero, despite his character flaws.

John has a far more violent way of dealing with problems, which Steve also has a problem with. There was a time where Steve gave up the mantle of Captain America and John took it upon himself to replace him. John's brutal and underhanded actions forced a return from Steve, who deemed him unworthy of the title.


nick fury

Captain America has worked alongside Nick Fury countless times. Cap has fought alongside Fury's Howling Commandos, worked with him as a superhero and as a super spy. Fury can sometimes frustrate Cap with his subterfuge, but he respects Nick's need to be this way.

Cap helped facilitate the invasion of Latveria in Secret War, before Nick was forced into hiding when his actions came to light. Later on, as thanks, Nick Fury allowed Cap's resistance to use classified, off-the-books S.H.I.E.L.D safe houses during Civil War. Though Fury is often infamous for keeping intel close to his chest, Steve Rogers is one of the few people he allows a little wiggle room with.

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