Heroes, Spider-Man 3, 300: The Comic Reel Wrap for March 6th


Everybody's talking after yesterday's shocking episode, including the big spoiler secret of who Mister Linderman is, answered by Herosite. Speaking of spoilers, director Greg Beeman has posted his latest blog, dissecting the goings on in making last night's ep, and as always we go behind the eclipse with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite right here at CBR.


Seven and a half minutes of the movie are online? Where? On NBC.com? Excellent! What? You just wanna read a summary and check some screen grabs? Oh, that's all available at CBR. There ya go, enjoy!

Meanwhile, Dark Horizons has an interview with Marvel movie mogul Avi Arad, who keeps hyping up the web spinning sequel.


Speaking of interviews, Superhero Hype talked to actor Gerard Butler about getting martial. "I think that it's really trying to strike a balance between many things without getting too caught up in the different technical elements because I've never come across a character quite as powerful and intense and charismatic as this guy, and as badass," Butler said. "I mean, he's a fu**er. And yet, you know that you have to rise to that element that it goes past even epic and becomes comic book. But at the same time, to only do that and never give him a heart and soul, then the whole thing means nothing. It involves choosing your moments. It involves, like for me, I really focused a lot on becoming as big and as strong and as confident in those things as I could possibly be. And even doing a lot of working out just before the takes and constantly doing that. Every time I trained, it made me feel more like a Spartan, more like a king, more like I was impressing my men and more like they would be willing to follow me. And also, that fire is burning inside you and then, you can completely go the opposite way and play it as a guy. I literally walked around Montreal with my shoulders back, my chest up. It was that feeling, just that feeling of real inner confidence and yet then you can have fun with the other things because it was actually difficult to suck all that in and let out -- he has a lot of things going on. There's an arrogance there, there's a confidence, there's a humor, there's a dryness, there's a compassion and there's a certain amount of humanity and then the guy is a nut job. He's crazy and there's a fearlessness that borders on insane. To try and get all those in with a man who really doesn't talk that much was a challenge. And then to do it all in front of green screen, so there's a way of doing it and a way of talking about it, and as you can see I'm really not good at talking about it. I just do it."

Creator Frank Miller was interviewed by Moviehole, where he said why Zack Snyder was right to helm this film. "He understands the battle as well as I do, and that is saying a lot," Miller said. "My historical knowledge is spotty in certain ways, but I know an awful lot about a three-day battle. And his understanding about the intent of the piece was identical to mine. If anything, he wanted to amplify it. Also, he was up on all the technological stuff that was necessary to make the movie. I liked him -- I liked his confidence and also his sense of humor regarding the material. He knew how to push the boundaries and he didnÕt want to make something that was star heavy and then collapse, because he wanted to be faithful to the story."


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