Heroes, Smallville, Transformers 2: August 26th Comic Reel


The story (with some spoilers) at Io9 is that creator Tim Kring is thinking ahead. Sure, the first half of the season is called "Villains," but the next? "Fugitives."


CBR News has a video interview with actor Sam Witwer while he relaxed on the CBR yacht, rocking a Cobra Commmand t-shirt.

CBR News also has a spotlight on the Fan Expo's focus on the show, featuring actors Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort.


Screenwriter Roberto Orci talked to IGN about the sequel. "One of the themes is about the responsibilities you face when being away from home," Orci said, "reflected by Sam [Witwicky, played by Shia LaBeouf] going to college and by the fact that the Transformers themselves, are of course, far from Cybertron."

Orci's also quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about how Shia LeBeouf's injury was worked into the film. "We incorporated his injury into it. Not because it was absolutely necessary, but [director] Michael [Bay] in particular wanted to be able to protect him on the set," Orci said. "He's still going to be running around in this movie. [Bay] literally just wanted, for [LaBeouf's] safety, ... to make sure that we weren't playing around with his injury. ... That's why we put it in."

The Air Force Times notes that the production will return to Holloman Air Force Base. "About 200 people will be hired as extras to portray military members," Maryellen Aviano, extras casting coordinator for DreamWorks Pictures, said.


CBR News also has a feature on actor Thomas Dekker, the savior of humanity.


A story in the New York Times notes that Marvel's opening up its properties to reinterpretation in Asian markets. No word on whether or not this will be anything like previous efforts.


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