Heroes, Smallville, Speed Racer, Guiding Light: November 1st Comic Reel Wrap


TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has a lot to say about the hit NBC series, including "Hiro's getting a honey! In the Nov. 13 episode, he crosses paths with a lady (Jayma Mays) on his way to New York, and she steals his heart" and "The Nov. 20 episode will be the biggest one yet. I'm told it's the 'Save the Cheerleader' episode."

While we're on the subject, you can get more spoilers at 9th Wonders and an interview with actors Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia who play brothers Peter and Nathan Petrelli.


The aforementioned Ausiello also has some teasers and tidbits saying things like "the character who is with child will also be with ring Ñ an engagement ring Ñ in the very near future," and " In Episode 9 ["Subterranean"], a new Phantom Zoner is going to surface and draw Clark to Seattle for a showdown. We will learn that there is a secret LuthorCorp lab where meteor-freak patients from Belle Reve are sent Ñ instead of being released, as they think they are Ñ for gruesome testing. And someone will escape and come looking for Lex."


According to Variety, Larry and Andy Wachowski will helm "Speed Racer" for Warner Bros. The brothers, who are penning the script, reteam with producer Joel Silver, their accomplice in "The Matrix" films. Production will begin in Europe next summer, and WB will release the pic in summer 2008. Warner will co-finance with Village Roadshow Pictures.


No, CBR hasn't gone soft in the head -- we're just presenting the inside scoop on the Marvel Comics/CBS Daytime crossover. Seriously!


Creator Steve Niles has updated his official blog with news about his big screen ambitions. "I've spent a great deal of the last few months playing catch-up on deadlines," Niles wrote, "and I'm happy to report that I'm not only caught up, but ahead of the game on a couple things. I have a draft of the 'Bigfoot' movie. We're pounding out some details, but there's a draft! 'The Lurkers' is going into a third revision, I think we might be ready to start looking for a director soon. '30 Days of Night' crossed the 30 days of shooting mark and everything I'm seeing and hearing makes me think the film will be great. I hope they start releasing some images soon because I think you guys are going to be very happy."


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