Heroes, Powers, The Living and the Dead: Oct 8th Comic Reel


Here at CBR, we have several clips from this coming Monday's episode, "Hysterical Blindness." In the first two, Ernie Hudson attempts to unravel the mystery of a man who looks an awful lot like Sylar. In the second set, Claire becomes suspicious of Gretchen, her roommate.

New episode: Monday


In this G4 interview (via MTV News), Brian Michael Bendis offers various updates on "Torso," "Powers," and the Marvel movies. "Powers" offers the most concrete news. The comic is set to become a television series at FX. Bendis says "Kevin Falls is our showrunner." Falls produced "Sports Night" and "The West Wing." The pilot will also be directed by Michael Dinner, who shot the pilots for the recent "Bionic Woman" and "Sons of Anarchy" pilots.

Release date: TBA


According to Comics2Film at Mania.com, "Session 9" director Brad Anderson is set to direct a feature based on the comic by Robert Tinnell and Todd Livngston. Mania describes the book as focusing on "on a monstrous character who engages in the nineteenth-century version of snuff theater, luring innocent people in a Grand Guignol of flesh and blood."

Release date: TBA


As CBR reported yesterday, writer/director Gary Ross is making a deal to re-rewrite and helm "Venom" for Columbia Pictures.

Release date: TBA


Can the Spider-Man musical be as dramatic as the difficult time the production has had? The Hollywood Reporter's Showbiz 411 blog reports the musical has new financial backers after a $10 Million gap appeared a while back.

Starring Evan Rachel Wood, release date: February 25th, 2010


While the second film comes out in May of next year, Moviehole is already suggesting casting for the next film. They spoke with actor Faizon Love, who tells them Jon Faverau has tried to get him into an Iron Man movie. Moviehole suggests "Crusher" as a part Love could play.

Release date: TBA


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