Heroes, Nightwolf, Smallville, Watchmen: July 31st Comic Reel Wrap


Sci Fi Wire has an exclusive video interview with the cast talking about doing commentaries and the strong fan response to the show.


CBR's own Dave Richards was the first to note this press release talking about the Devil's Due werewolf-turned-antihero property getting optioned by Fox for an ongoing TV series.


CBR News covered the Saturday Comic-Con panel for the show, while Kryptonsite took some face time with two producers (Millar and Gough) and two actresses (Erica Durance and Laura Vandevoort) in a slightly spoilery interview while Superheroflix has video interviews with all of those people plus Justin Hartley. Kryptonsite also has new promotional photos of Vandevoort as Kara.


First look at the teaser poster? Check it out at Moviehole.


Vampires just weren't scary anymore, so director David Slade and creator Steve Niles wanted to make them terrifying again, according to quotes from Sci Fi Wire. "They don't say a little Rimbaud poem and then take your arm," Slade said. "No, they just jump and rip off and eat and feed, because one of the things I didn't want to do was rely on the supernatural, because supernatural isn't scary."

"I think we were both really aware that vampires aren't scary anymore," Niles said. "They hang out with you, teenage girls date them on TV, they're not scary. We've made them too human. We had to strip away all that, and the idea of a creature that looks very much like us that looks at us like cattle, like food, and that is it. And that was something me and Ben really wanted to doÑactual, frightening vampires again."

In other news, who'd record the entire Comic-Con panel and post it as a big honkin' MP3? Comingsoon.net of course!


The viral website Whysoserious.com now directs you to Rent-A-Clown.com which features participants from the San Diego event CBR not only reported on but participated in over the weekend. The teaser trailer is still online at Comingsoon.net.

Meanwhile, Batman-on-Film has quotes from actor Christian Bale, video of the Batpod, a set report and other tidbits.


As it should, news of one costumed billionaire follows another. Director Jon Favreau is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about villains and possibly explaining the early may photos showing what looked like the Iron Monger. "The big villain's the Mandarin, but the Mandarin is not the type of villain where, right off the bat, you could watch them squaring off," Favreau said. "You can't have Sauron be the first person that Frodo meets up with. ... You have to lay enough down in the storyline so, as the story unfolds, you get there, but you also have to delve into the rogues' gallery and see."

Ain't It Cool News had a ten minute sit down with actor Robert Downey Jr. during the 'con about putting the man in the machine. "I love mythology and where technology and mythology and science come together is ... I think is kind of where the 'Iron Man' niche is really comfortable, which really means it is about man and his own development and all the gack and stuff like that, that I trip on, plus there's that real testosterone edge, like I'm strung out on the military channel and I love watching all of those things ... They're like "Dog fights," and I'm like "Stop what you're doing!" and I watch those recreations and stuff and I feel like it's just kind of in my blood and I don't know if it's because my grandfather was a war vet or if it's just kind of a guy thing, but I think it's that urge and I don't want to say that we have been a little bit neutered in the 21st century, but there's something about that desire to do that kind of one on one good vs. evil stuff, you know?"


You can see the first footage from the new series at Entertainment News International.


ENI also has the trailer for the new animated series.


The Comic Reel brought back sleep deprived delusions, two CBR shirts, Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman's "Monster Action Network," four Graffiti t-shirts, a spider bite and two mosquito bites from San Diego. You get anything cool or movie related?

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