Heroes, Mnemovore, Wolverine: October 8th Comic Reel Wrap


Tons of news today coming from the hit NBC series, including set photos of actress Kristen Bell on set with series regular Hayden Panettiere. MySpace has a sneak preview of tonight's episode, while Herosite has posted official network descriptions of two new episodes, "The Kindness of Strangers" and "Fight or Flight" respectively.


Speaking of Kristen Bell, Comics2Film has a write up from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, where footage from the Vertigo adaptation was shown with Bell in the lead role.


A story in the the Sunday Times claims that actor Hugh Jackman is training heavily for a return to the title role.

Also, the XVerse is reporting that Amalgamated Dynamics will be providing special effects make-up for the spin off.


IESB snagged a script synopsis from Entertainment Weekly that puts the film in multiple eras. "All seven original members of the Justice League -- Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter -- are featured in an origins story about the superhero conglomerate. The plot revolves around villainous businessman Maxwell Lord and involves cyborgs called OMACs (One-Man Army Corps), who can take over humans and turn them into killing machines. There are epic battles between Superman and Batman, as well as Superman and Wonder Woman."

"Smallville" producer Al Gough went a long way to debunk rumors of Tom Welling's involvement, based on quotes at Justice League On Film. "We haven't ever been approached by anybody at Warners," Gough said. "This is all utter fabrication."


According to Variety, actresses Paz Vega and Jamie King have joined the Frank Miller-helmed Will Eisner adaptation. Vega will play the knife-wielding Plaster of Paris, and King will portray Lorelei, a phantom siren.

Actress Eva Mendes was interviewed by Comingsoon.net about what she's gonna be doing in the film. "Frank Miller gave me some of the old comics and I'm excited because I've never actually played like the real femme fatal and this woman is just so ..." said Mendes, "she'd eat you for breakfast. I know, it's kind of fun."


Superhero Hype has an explosive new set photo from the Ontario set, and you can find 32 set videos on their message boards.


Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from last Thursday's episode, "Kara."


Keeping it coaxial for a moment, there's over 100 screen captures from the Green Arrow's appearance on the animated series available at Batman Yesterday Today and Beyond. They also have a set of screen captures from the trailer for the next episode.


Let's stay in Gotham for a bit. Bedford Today is reporting that the Bat sequel has returned to the town of Bedfordshire. "They may be the sort of misleading monikers planted by the Riddler to sow confusion among the righteous, but a clutch of sneaky signposts pointing the way to the Cardington airship sheds are the evidence Batman is being filmed again in the area," the article reads. "The signs, which bear the letters RFK, direct traffic off the southern bypass through Shortstown and towards Shed Number Two, where the latest flick featuring Gotham City's black-clad defender is before the cameras."

In other news, this site notes that the Keysi Fighting Method is being used again in the Christian Bale-led movie. Bale said, "We've gone a bit further with Keysi ... I'm actually learning how to do it more realistically than ever before, though it's such an extreme way of fighting; there are literally moves where you tear someone's cheek away from their face, or rip their nose off."


Welcome to year five of the Comic Reel. If this is your first night, you'll have to fight.

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