<i>Heroes</i> Miniseries Would Skip Ahead, Bring Back Adrian Pasdar

When, and if, the canceled Heroes returns next season for a wrap-up "event," creator Tim Kring already knows what the story will be.

He tells TV Guide that he's meeting with NBC executives this month to discuss a miniseries to provide closure for the superhero drama, which was officially canceled last month after four seasons.

When we left the show in February, the painful season-long carnival storyline had ended with our heroes saving the day and evil carny Samuel Sullivan being hauled off by the Company. But in an epilogue designed to introduce the series' planned sixth volume, "Brave New World," Claire jumped from the Ferris wheel, demonstrating her abilities before addressing the assembled news media.

Kring says the proposed miniseries would pick up a year or so later to fully show the effects of the revelation, with Claire now serving as the reluctant spokeswoman for people with special abilities. Sylar, meanwhile, would once again be at odds with his dark side.

He's confident he'd be able to bring back the entire cast, including Adrian Pasdar -- although not as Nathan Petrelli, who died (again, sort of) in the 11th episode of the fourth season. I thought that the Angela Petrelli-conceived, Matt Parkman-executed scheme to wipe Sylar's mind and convince the shapeshifting serial killer that he was Nathan was pointless and kind of gross -- seriously, Mother Petrelli? -- but I'll tune in to the miniseries just to see how Kring & Co. work Pasdar into the story. Maybe one of the myriad Petrelli Family secrets is that Nathan has an evil, goatee-wearing twin ...

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