Heroes, Loudermilk, Wanted 2: July 15th Comic Reel


Were you worried that a certain fetching electrical themed character wouldn't be back? Worry no more -- People Magazine reports that actress Kristen Bell will indeed return to the hit NBC series in a new multiepisode arc. "I'm just happy to be electrocuting people again!" Bell said.

Speaking of comebacks, the show debuted a new webisode yesterday ...


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Craig Zobel has been tapped to rewrite and direct the superhero comedy for Rogue Pictures and Greasy Entertainment, run by Heder, his twin brother Jon and his older brother Doug. The project centers on a Napoleon Dynamite-like oddball who becomes contaminated with a substance that gives him what might arguably be considered superpowers. "That blessing does not come without its consequences and costs," Doug Heder said.


That's right -- Variety has the news that Universal Pictures has resigned producer Marc Platt for five years, and at the start of that work is a sequel with director Timur Bekmambetov and writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. Platt acknowledged that the creative team is still working on the challenge of continuing the story after most of the principal characters ended the original in no position for an encore. But the film was designed as a potential franchise, Universal production president Donna Langley said. The intention is to get James McAvoy back.


The New York Times is reporting that the Robert Kirkman/Cory Walker property will soon be an animated comic on iTunes and mobile platforms.


Ooh, there's a new trailer up on YouTube ...


Speaking of masked avengers, CBR News has a slightly spoilery interview with director Christopher Nolan.

Meanwhile, according to Comic Book Movie, the Joker's still mailing cell phones to fans.


Speaking of detectives, IGN has quotes from a Screen Daily interview with director Kevin Monroe about adapting "Dylan Dog" for the screen. "I'm fascinated by these stories," Monroe said. "They are populated by classic characters you see in the likes of 'Dirty Harry' and 'Die Hard.' And like in those movies, you understand the worst monsters of them all are human beings. For this reason I'm going to show Dylan Dog's world as realistically as possible. The audience must believe zombies can exist in New York, that vampires roam free even if they can't be seen, just like in 'Men In Black.'"


CBR News has an interview with actors Luke Goss and Anna Walton, talking about playing antagonists to Big Red.


Screenwriter Roberto Orci is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about what to expect in a sequel. "The humor will be similar, but the structure of the movie is a little bit more like many sequels, which is, the stakes are a little higher and the tone is a bit more sci-fi," Orci said. "It's got a little more of a sci-fi element ... the bad guys are little more coherent in terms of what their plan is and what they're attempting to do. So it feels more like more of a sci-fi battle." Also, an important revelation: "Soundwave's in it."


Some new spoilers, including a new DCU guest appearance, are up at Kryptonsite.


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