Raising Cain: 10 Heroes Juggernaut Easily Destroyed

The character of Cain Marko made his comics debut in 1965 as the step-brother of Charles Xavier. While serving in Korea, Marko found a ruby in the Temple of Cyttorak, which gave him the super-strength and invulnerability. He took on the moniker of Juggernaut and caused much destruction as a villain. Though he has spent some time helping the X-Men, Juggernaut has fought a variety of heroes over the years. Despite being able to easily beat these heroes, Juggernaut’s victories are usually short-lived as the heroes come back and win the subsequent rematch. Here are ten heroes Juggernaut has fought and been able to beat over the years.

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10 Hulk

Of all the characters in the Marvel Universe, the Hulk and the Juggernaut are the most evenly matched in size and power. While the Hulk is usually the victor in their battles, the Juggernaut was able to defeat the Hulk in a multi-issue arc that begins in Incredible Hulk #402 as they both wind up in quicksand. Juggernaut sneaks up on Hulk and Hulk doesn’t know the identity of his attacker until he loses consciousness. The Juggernaut brings the Hulk to his employer, The Red Skull, who brainwashes him to fight against the Avengers. The Hulk is eventually able to break free of the brainwashing and defeat Juggernaut once again.

9 Doctor Strange

In Doctor Strange #182, the Juggernaut fights Nightmare for his captive, convinced that Doctor Strange is the one who can take him back to Earth. Dr. Strange breaks free and summons up an illusory image of himself. Nightmare and Juggernaut notice the freed sorcerer and team up to subdue him once more. However, they free Eternity in the fight, who banishes both Nightmare and Juggernaut to another realm before returning Dr. Strange back to Earth. The Juggernaut and Doctor Strange have faced each other a few other times, but Doctor Strange usually gets the upper hand.

8 Thor

Juggernaut has faced Thor many times over the years. In one particular battle in Thor #411, Loki transported Juggernaut from Crossmoor to New York in hopes that he would take down his brother, Thor. As Juggernaut rampaged through the city, Thor confronted him. Juggernaut was able to beat Thor initially, but the New Warriors arrived in the subsequent issue and allowed Thor time to recover. Juggernaut was covered in molten metal and Thor left Juggernaut in space after the metal prison cooled. Thor and Juggernaut have faced each other on a couple of other occasions, though Thor usually wins the battle in the end.

7 Spider-Woman

In Spider-Woman #37, Juggernaut and associates Black Tom Cassidy and Theresa attempt to steal a shipment of vibranium from a San Francisco mint. Spider-Woman is affected by a sonic scream and goes to find the source. She comes across the three in the process of the robbery. Spider-Woman is outmatched by the three and they easily defeat her. Once she awakes, she is framed and arrested for the robbery. After breaking free of police custody in the following issue, Spider-Woman is able to defeat the Juggernaut with the help of Storm, Colossus, and Angel.

6 Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s battle with the Juggernaut begins in Amazing Spider-Man #229. Madame Web sense she'll be under attack and the figure she sees in the vision is none other than Juggernaut, so she calls in Spidey. Once the Juggernaut arrives, Spider-Man swings over but is unable to stop him. Refusing to give up, Spider-Man learns more about the source of Juggernaut’s powers and continues to fight against the Juggernaut. He eventually defeats the Juggernaut by pushing him into cement at a construction site in order to immobilize him.

5 Cyclops

The Juggernaut and Cyclops have fought against and alongside each other many times, particularly when the Juggernaut believed that Cyclops was responsible for his step-brother Charles Xavier’s death.

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In Uncanny X-Men #543, the Juggernaut was going by the name of Kuurth at the time and was known as the breaker of stone. Kuurth attacked a petrol station and ended up possessing Colossus in the battle. Kuurth was attacked by a wave of X-Men, including Cyclops. However, this group was unable to take down Kuurth alone and had to bring in reinforcements to finish the battle.

4 Iceman

As a founding member of the X-Men besides Cyclops, Iceman has also seen his share of battles against and alongside the Juggernaut. In the same battle in Uncanny X-Men #543, Iceman was part of the initial wave of X-Men that fought against the Juggernaut, who was a member of the Thunderbolts and was referred to as Kuurth, Breaker of Stone. As Kuurth attacked a petrol station, the X-Men were called upon to stop the developing threat. Iceman attempted to fight Kuurth alongside Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men team but proved to be no match for Kuurth’s strength and abilities.

3 Colossus

Colossus has also faced and worked alongside Juggernaut many times over the years. After a fight against the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #183, the Juggernaut goes to a Manhattan bar in order to forget his defeat. Colossus accidentally spilled beer on the Juggernaut and the Juggernaut beat up Colossus in response with Wolverine and Nightcrawler watching. Wolverine and Nightcrawler did nothing to help and the Juggernaut left the bar soon after. Later, Colossus, who is possessed by the Juggernaut, is able to stop Kuurth, Breaker of Stone in Uncanny X-Men #543.

2 Dazzler

In Uncanny X-Men #217, Dazzler has a good night and recognizes the Juggernaut as he speeds by in a car and follows him. The Juggernaut realizes that he's being followed and stops, but Dazzler ends up slamming into the side of his car. He recognizes her and tries to talk to her, but Dazzler attacks him. She unleashes her full power on him until she finally collapses. The Juggernaut, unaffected by the fight, believes her to be dead and buries her alive. Once rescued, Dazzler defeats the Juggernaut in a later battle after Rogue is able to remove his helmet.

1 Captain Britain

In Excalibur #3, the Juggernaut was in custody in ultra-maximum-security London prison, Crossmoor. British crime lord Vixen frees him, offering him help in exchange for his assistance in her plans. The Juggernaut destroyed the prison wall and most of the prisoners escaped, beat up the guards, and destroyed most of the prison’s tanks. While Vixen and her troops flew away with jet packs, Captain Britain confronted the Juggernaut, ordering him to give up. Cain over-powered Captain Britain easily, but Excalibur defeated and returned the Juggernaut to custody soon after.

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