Heroes, Iron Man, Smallville, Transformers: May 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Ka-boom! According to quotes at Sci Fi Wire, actor Masi Oka had some things to say about the season finale. "I think it's great the way the finale ends," Oka said. "It's a wrapping up of volume one, which is [called] 'Genesis.' And it wraps up the whole bomb storyline. So it's a nice finale, and there's a great cliffhanger with everybody, I would say. And you do get to see a little bit of volume two, which is called 'Generations.' The big finale has been amazing because we had a lot of long nights. Because of the location, we had to shoot overnight. So we'd have 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. day after day after day. It was tough on the crew, tough on the cast. ... But it's going to be fantastic. The finale's going to be the bomb. Literally and metaphorically."

Meanwhile, right here at CBR we've got the press release for the new original web series, "Inside Heroes."


Wanna see something cool? How about the Iron Monger in action, courtesy of a YouTube clip? Done, and done.


Speaking of stuff on YouTube, how about the trailer for the season finale, "Phantom?"

You can also get screen captures of the trailer at Kryptonsite.


Reader Tom Williams was the first to write in about high resolution photos of some of the film's lead characters.


Batman-On-Film has a blanked out spoiler for how the Joker will appear in the sequel.

A story at MTV notes that Cillian Murphy will not be returning as the Scarecrow. "I can't count on that at the moment, I'm afraid," he said.


A scooper sent in a report to Superhero Hype about the production getting started. "Just received an email from the building management where I work in Chicago, concerning the filming of Wanted. 'Please forward to all One North Wacker Parkers. We would like to inform you that this Monday, May 14, from approximately 7 PM until 6 AM on Tuesday, Universal Pictures will be filming scenes for the upcoming feature film "Wanted" in the Downtown area. This will necessitate the full closure of Lower Wacker Drive, between Harrison St. and Michigan Ave. Additionally, they may need to continue filming on the following night, if so, Lower Wacker Drive will be closed again from approximately 7 PM on Tuesday, May 15, until Midnight. There will be limited access to and from the One North Wacker Parking garage. We are doing this with the full cooperation of the Illinois Film Office, the Chicago Film Office, and the Chicago Police Department.'"


According to Superhero Hype, actor Ken Watanabe will not be playing the Silver Samurai in the mutant minded spin off. "You know, I did two hard movies recently, 'Memories of Tomorrow' and 'Letters From Iwo Jima,'" Watanabe said, "and they were something I gave everything to as an actor, so I'm a bit wiped out right now, and so I can't find the next film."


A story at IESB notes that Dark Horse and Hyde Park are teaming up to adapt the Fabian Nicieza/Stefano Raffaele comic book. No director, screenwriter or distributor has yet been announced.


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