Heroes, Iron Man, Batman: Gotham Knight: February 27th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has a new interview with Duplicate Boy, er, actor Milo Ventimiglia about what might happen for Peter Petrelli. "I know I try to sit down with Tim [Kring] and all the guys who are in charge and understand where they're going so that I can mentally and physically prepare myself for that," Ventimiglia said. "If I'm not prepared then it's just going to be sh*t work. They're always wanting to help the actors with whatever we need to get ourselves in the right mind space so that we can perform and do the best job that we can, so yeah, I know a little bit of what Peter has coming."

Actor James Kyson Lee is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about when he's getting back to work. "Possibly May, if they want to speed it up," Lee said. "And I think NBC is going to do another big push again, right after the Olympics, and we'll premiere season three in September. I know they're very excited about it. They had a lot of great ideas that they wanted to incorporate, and obviously our second season got cut short because of the strike, so now they're really happy that they're going to be able to play with some stuff."


CBR News has a feature on director Jon Favreau from last weekend's Wondercon.

Tony Stark also got the cover of Empire Magazine.


New images from the direct-to-DVD animated feature? Sure thing ...


According to Variety, Jonathan Mostow will partner with Virgin Comics to develop a feature from a graphic novel just published by Virgin based on a Mostow idea. It's unclear whether Mostow will write the script or direct the feature adaptation; he and Virgin Comics chief creative officer Gotham Chopra and CEO Sharad Devarajan will begin shopping the project shortly. Mostow's last project was a little film called "Terminator 3," and starts directing the comic-based "The Surrogates" with Bruce Willis in eight weeks.


Variety also reports that DC's big team-up movie is back on track for a 2009 release. Writers Kieran and Michele Mulroney are busy polishing up the script, which is expected back at the studio in several weeks, and the cast has been advised to keep training for their superhero roles. Director George Miller is in pre-production in Australia. Adam Brody, cast as the Flash, is the biggest star in the superhero lineup. Rapper Common nabbed the Green Lantern role; other roles went to lesser-known actors such as Armie Hammer Jr. (Batman) and Megan Gale (Wonder Woman).

Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News has a fresh rumor that actor Hugh Keays-Byrne was slated to play the Martian Manhunter.


Doctor Banner doesn't look too happy in these new photos from Empire Magazine.


Batman-On-Film has more data from director Peter Segal about the DC adaptation. Their notes include the following: "[Segal] and his creative team envision Fawcett City as being a 'west coast city,'" "while intent on Capt. Marvel's costume remaining 'classic,' it will be updated a tad as well as allowing for the creative team to put their own stamp on it," "both Freddie (Capt. Marvel Jr.?) and Mary Marvel are in the mix," "Mister 'Tawky' Tawny the Talking Tiger? 'Yep,' says Segal, 'well, at least our version of him,' he said with a wink," the movie "will definitely NOT be a comedy, campy, or 'really light-hearted.' 'We're going about this seriously, but it will have some humor,'" and that Black Adam is likely to be the antagonist and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in the mix for casting.


Mmm, hirsute -- Empire Magazine also has a new production photo from the Hugh Jackman-fueled spin off.


While we're talking about Logan, an article at Tracksounds notes that composers Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen will handle musical chores for the new animated series.


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