Heroes in Crisis: Tom King Teases Bad Blood Between the World's Finest

Superman and Batman

Thanks to the superhero massacre that has taken place at Sanctuary in the pages of DC's Heroes in Crisis, tensions between the surviving heroes are understandably a bit high.

However, series writer Tom King has now hinted that even Batman and Superman, the World's Finest, aren't immune to the dissension plaguing the caped crusaders of the DC Universe.

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King shared a panel from an upcoming issue of the series from artists Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey, which features what appears to be the Dark Knight pointing to the iconic symbol on the Man of Steel's chest in a less than friendly way. The image is accompanied by a caption that simply reads, "Coming up in Heroes in Crisis."

It's unclear what exactly the heroes are arguing about. However, given that it was Batman and Superman, alongside Wonder Woman, who created Sanctuary in the first place, it's not hard to see the long-time partners starting to place blame on one another.

For the time being, however, readers will simply have to wait and see what King has in store.

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Heroes in Crisis #4 hits comic shops on Jan. 2, 2019, followed by issue #5 on Jan. 30 and issue #6 on Feb. 27.

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