Heroes in Crisis: Tom King Teases the Return of Shining Knight

Fans of the DC Comics limited series Heroes in Crisis may have another classic character coming their way in the next issue. Creator Tom King has shared a single image on Twitter that seems to be hinting at an upcoming appearance of Shining Knight.

The page, posted by King and featuring art by Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey, shows a character whose back is to the reader, holding what looks to be a familiar enchanted sword and facing off with a dragon perched on a distant castle. The caption simply reads, "Coming up in Heroes in Crisis."

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King has not been shy about teasing fans of the book before -- he recently tweeted a humorous cover image purported to be that of the series' final issue, using the same caption -- so readers may have a bit longer to wait before finding out for sure whose arrival this sneak peek is heralding.

Shining Knight, also known as Sir Justin, has been a character in the DC Universe since 1941. More recently the knight has appeared in the New 52 as Ystin, one of the first openly transgender characters to be featured in comics. In 2012, Demon Knights writer Paul Cornell confirmed that Ystin is both genders in that series' universe, though it remains unclear if future iterations of the character will follow the same background laid out in the New 52.

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While fans await confirmation from King as to whether the tease is indeed pointing to a renaissance for Shining Knight, readers can catch up on the first four issues of the series. Heroes in Crisis, written by Tom King with art by Clay Mann, Mitch Gerads, Lee Weeks and Tomeu Morey, is slated to run for nine issues, with Issue #5 expected to be released Jan. 30.

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