Heroes in Crisis: New Details (and a New Artist) Emerge

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, current Batman scribe Tom King revealed new details regarding his and artist Clay Mann's seven-issue limited series Heroes in Crisis -- including the fact that the pair will be joined by King's current Mister Miracle collaborator Mitch Gerads.

“I want to speak about, and to, this New War generation, the millions of people who have fought bravely overseas and have come home to try to return to their normal lives,” King said at a press conference at SDCC. “I want to talk about their hopes, their pains, their triumphs; I want to use DC’s heroes to tell their stories.”

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“But this book isn't actually about Sanctuary,” he added. “It's about the failures of Sanctuary. In that way, I’m writing about this moment in our history. We felt safe. We had security. Then something went horribly wrong. Is it possible to repair that? To fight that? “HEROES IN CRISIS is about heroes who have to live through violence to save the world, and what that violence does to them. They make a sacrifice every time they go out to fight the bad guys. That sacrifice is at the heart of the series.”

New light was shed on the golden masks seen in the cover art, as well. While some speculated these were a nod to perhaps Pyscho Pirate or Anarky, King explained that the masks (and accompanying white robes) are worn by heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman inside the halls of Sanctuary to help maintain anonymity.

It was also revealed during the press conference that, while previously announced artist Clay Mann will illustrate the core issues of the miniseries, Gerads will "draw standalone issues strategically placed to give a deeper look into the overall story."

One sale Sept. 26, Heroes in Crisis #1 is written by Tom King, with art and cover by Clay Mann. J.G. Jones, Mark Brooks and Francesco Mattina all provide variant covers for the issue. A blank variant cover will also be available.

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