Heroes in Crisis Finally Reveals Who Killed Everyone, and Why

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Heroes in Crisis #8 by Tom King, Mitch Gerards, Travis Moore and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The ending of Heroes in Crisis #7 pointed the finger at the likely suspect behind the massacre at Sanctuary, and the latest issue confirms it. Tom King and Mitch Gerards' Heroes in Crisis #8 serves as an issue-long confession in which the killer acknowledges responsibility for the murders. It doesn't stop there, though. The killer also puts forth exactly how he pulled off such a murder spree, and why.

And, as long believed by many, neither Harley Quinn nor Booster Gold are the culprit. So, who is?

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Who Did It?

The murderer is none other than, yes, Wally West, former Kid Flash who now calls himself The Flash, who only recently returned to DC continuity at the beginning of Rebirth.

But what about Harley, who was seemingly caught red-handed by Booster, murdering Wally? And what about when exactly the reverse happened, one issue later? Wally was initially believed to be one of the massacre's highest profile victims, so how is he now back, claiming responsibility?

Wally explains all in his confession, one of the many recorded video transcripts that Wally himself sent to Lois Lane, while identifying himself as "The Puddler." And his explanation is a complex, tortuous path littered with screw-ups, setups and cover-ups.

How Did He Do It?

In his confession, Wally laments how he's felt "alone" since his return. Understandable, as his family remains wiped from existence, with no one even to remember them, except him. These tortured memories are what led him to Sanctuary at the end of "Flash War," but he found no comfort there. He relates how he still felt alone because he didn't see the same kind of pain in its other residents, and the program's anonymity only compounded his feelings of isolation.

Wally therefore did some digging of his own into Sanctuary's resident records and uncovered a truth that he had been denying. Every one of the heroes at Sanctuary were in fact coping and trying to overcome their own personal traumas, just as Wally was. Uncovering all this information at superspeed led to a flood of emotional experiences that momentarily allowed Wally to understand he wasn't so alone after all.

While this realization might have initially given Wally some comfort, it all came to him in a comparative instant. Instead of helping to heal him, the onslaught of emotions broke him. In turn, he momentarily lost control of the powers of the Speed Force contained within him. And in another fateful instant, the powers of the Speed Force were unleashed on the other heroes within Sanctuary, killing them instantly.

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