We Think Simon Baz Is the Green Lantern Who Died in Heroes in Crisis #1

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Heroes in Crisis #1 and Green Lanterns #54-56, on sale now.

Heroes in Crisis promised to bring a major death to the DC Universe, and in just one issue, lived up to this claim. Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, and Wally West, aka The Flash were among those who met their demise at the hands of a mysterious killer at Sanctuary, a secret rehabilitative center for capes.

As Superman scans the carnage, there's a single panel indicating a Green Lantern who was in therapy was among the murdered. All we could see, as Tom King and Clay Mann cleverly hid the Lantern's identity, was a glimpse of the person's logo and costume. After reading the latest issues of Green Lanterns, we believe the fallen space cop is none other than Earth's Simon Baz following recent events in his life.

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Interior art from Green Lanterns #54.

In Green Lanterns #54-56, Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw) has returned and infected the Green Lanterns' Central Power Battery, taking control of all the Corps' rings as well, after the Phantom Ring was brought to him. The most tragic aspect of this is, his freedom is all due to Simon Baz. The neophyte GL was duped into breaking the villain out of the Fortress of Solitude, thinking he was Superman, thus allowing him to complete his hack of the Power Battery on Mogo. Simon also unknowingly brought him the Phantom Ring, and with all this power, Henshaw is using the cosmic villains, Eon and the Ravagers, to kill off Simon's colleagues.

Making things even worse, Henshaw is switching off the Green Lanterns' rings, and with each Lantern that dies, Baz believes the blood is on his hands. He's bearing the weight of each and every death that occurs, as he feels fully responsible for the villain's cosmic campaign of bloodshed. There's a really, really good chance that after the dust settles -- Hal is facing Henshaw in a rematch at Coast City, after all -- Simon will be checking into Sanctuary with all this guilt on his shoulders.

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