Heroes In Crisis: Flash Mourns Wally West on Unpublished Clay Mann Cover

With his supposed death alongside a number of other DC heroes fueling the mystery of Heroes in Crisis, Wally West's passing was a heavy blow to fans of the beloved character. Now, an unpublished cover from series artist Clay Mann manages to draw even more sympathy for both Wally and his predecessor, Barry Allen.

Poster on Twitter by Tom King, the cover features Barry holding Wally's body, with what looks like a tear coming down Barry's eye as he mourns his protege. The lack of color only adds to the somber tone, while the empty background gives the cover a more eerie feeling.

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King rightfully calls the cover "heartbreaking," almost as if he too sympathizes with Wally, as well as Wally's fans.

Although readers would eventually learn the truth and circumstances behind Wally's death, the cover is still quite powerful. Both Barry and Wally are shown in a very sympathetic light, with the former showing sorrow over the latter's death. However, while readers now know the truth, the message is clear that even heroes can be vulnerable.

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Written by Tom King with art by Clay Mann, Heroes in Crisis # 9 is slated for release on May 29.

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