Every Superhero Who Dies in Heroes in Crisis #1

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Heroes in Crisis #1 by Tom King, Clay Mann, Mark Brooks, J.G. Jones and Francesco Mattina, on sale now.

How could something so right go so very wrong?

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman pooled their resources to create the superhero crisis center known as Sanctuary. It was a place where heroes could come and deal with the pain and torment of the violent lives they lead, and it was meant to make them better. Heroes in Crisis #1 is about how that idea goes wrong. In the first issue of this nine-issue series, readers see just how bad things can get.

Someone has attacked the facility. There are multiple homicides, key witnesses are in the wind and the surviving heroes have no idea who did this, or how it could even happen. The events of the first issue kick off an investigation into who is responsible for this travesty, but first it's only right to take a moment to acknowledge those that were lost.

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So Many More Heroes Die Than We Thought

We knew that there would be more than one big death to open this event series, but no amount of marketing could prepare readers for this level of carnage. Upon hearing about the attack on the Sanctuary facility, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman rush to the scene to see what has happened.

Superman is the first to arrive. He finds what can only be described as a massacre. Bodies are strewn across the front lawn as superheroes undergoing treatment seemingly attempted to run for their lives. The first bodies he comes across are a group of young heroes who had yet to make a name for themselves.

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The superhero Blue Jay is the first confirmed dead, as evidenced by his bloody cowl and wings being picked apart by a flock of crows. The shrinking superhero was a survivor from the world of Angor and had recently been featured in Justice League. Perhaps the most emotionally charged death belongs to the former Teen Titan Hot Spot. Though he had not been seen in years, Isaiah Crockett had once been a major part of Dan Jurgens' Teen Titans relaunch.

Hot Spot was found among a group of heroes that also included another one-time Titan. Lagoon Boy, who was an ally of Aquaman and a member of both the Teen Titans and Young Justice in pre-Flashpoint continuity, was found among the bodies. Another demise is a little tricky. He's either Steel, the former Justice Leaguer who originally died back in 1980s, his Earth-2 counterpart Captain Steel or Citizen Steel. Hopefully later issues will clarify his identity, but it should be noted that, no matter who he is, trauma runs in the Heywood family.

The Big Deaths Are Revealed

For months, DC Comics' marketing was hitting readers over the head with the promise that not one, but two superheroes would be killed in the opening of Heroes in Crisis. The publisher ran several ads hinting at who it might ultimately be, but no amount of teasing could prepare us for the tragic scene that Superman finds inside the Sanctuary facility.

Whatever happened must have started inside the house, because Roy Harper and Wally West are the only heroes found dead inside. Both Roy and and Wally had their adventures and their fair share of problems. As an addict, Arsenal had to fight hard to come back from the dark side and prove that he could be a hero. He was a friend and ally to many in the superhero community, having served as a member of the Titans and Red Hood's Outlaws. He was also just recently acknowledged by Green Arrow as his equal.

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