How Heroes in Crisis May Lead to Doomsday Clock's DC Universe

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Warning: This article has spoilers for the ongoing crossovers Heroes in Crisis, by Tom King, Clay Mann and Travis Moore, and Doomsday Clock, by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, on sale now.

For the most part, the DC Universe is a pretty good place to be a superhero. Instead of fighting government paranoia-fueled registration acts or protecting a world that hates and fears them, DC's heroes are generally treated as celebrated champions, some of whom have statues and museums built in their honor. Even Batman, a vigilante who operates in a legal gray area, has a notoriously cozy relationship with the Gotham City Police Department.

However, those days are coming to an end in two major ongoing crossovers, Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday Clock. While these event stories might not seem to be too intricately connected, Heroes in Crisis has been introducing a rising anti-superhero sentiment in a once-adoring public that may be the same one that explodes into a global crisis in Doomsday Clock, which takes place roughly one year from "now" in the DC Universe.

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In Heroes in Crisis, several DC characters have been murdered at Sanctuary, a secret treatment facility where heroes and villains can quietly recover from the psychological trauma of their adventures.

Shortly after the murders, an unknown party started sending videos and other secret information about Sanctuary to Lois Lane. In Heroes in Crisis #4, Lane published a story that publicly revealed Sanctuary's existence and acknowledged the massacre at the center without exposing the personal details of any specific hero.

Superman Heroes in Crisis 35 seconds ago

After the existence of Sanctuary became public knowledge, Superman, DC's most trusted hero, attempted to do some damage control around the public relations disaster. As he tells Lois in Heroes in Crisis #5, the people of the DC Universe are frightened and uneasy with the idea of people with city-leveling amounts of power being in psychological distress. Where the heroes of teams like the Justice League once seemed like untouchable, invulnerable smiling gods, the Sanctuary revelations highlighted the very human faces under those superhero masks.

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To calm nerves, Superman tried to contain the situation by giving a pro-superhero speech on the steps of the Hall of Justice alongside Wonder Woman, another one of the Justice League's most trusted members. While the full fallout of this speech hasn't yet been revealed, we know for certain Superman confirmed the existence of Sanctuary and espoused the virtues of the heroes' "fight for the American Way."

In Doomsday Clock, that particular turn of phrase seems to have come back to haunt Superman and the rest of DC's heroes.

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