Heroes In Crisis Proves That Batman Can Never Be Trusted

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Heroes in Crisis #2 by Tom King, Clay Mann and Travis Moore, on sale now.

Batman has a history of not trusting, well, anyone. It’s gotten to the point where not only do the other heroes know it, they even make jokes about it. But his inability to keep himself from moving behind the scenes to prepare for everything may have just put every DC Hero in mortal peril. Again and again, the Dark Knight proves that he really can’t be trusted, and in Heroes in Crisis #2, we get a stark reminder of just how much damage people can do when they take advantage of that fault.

We Know You

Batman has a history of trying to prepare to confront not just his enemies, but his friends as well. Most famously, Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch's Tower of Babel featured Ra’s Al Ghul using the knowledge he stole from Bruce Wayne to nearly bring down the entire Justice League.

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It’s the sort of thing the other heroes find to be a huge invasion of their privacy and security, which makes sense. It’s would be terrifying to learn someone they've trusted has been preparing to know how to take them out. It’s been an established problem of his with the rest of the League, even with his closest allies; how can the team ever trust him, when they know that they really... can’t?

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But it’s also something DC Comics has been somewhat addressing in recent years. The events of Dark Nights: Metal got out of hand when Batman took it upon himself to solve everything because he didn't think anyone else could be trusted to do it. The heroes were only able to save the world when Batman put his faith in his friends and they found a way, together, to succeed. He’s been forced to recognize that when they work as a unit, the heroes of the DC Universe are better than even he is, alone. But it just never seems to stick.

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