DC Pulls Heroes in Crisis #7 Cover At Tom King's Request

Earlier this week, a cover for DC Comics' Heroes in Crisis #7 leaked online. The cover in question featured the body of a deceased Poison Ivy, who was apparently drawing what appears to be the Flash symbol with her own blood.

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Heroes in Crisis writer Tom King has now taken to Twitter to explain that he personally requested that the cover, which was drawn be series artist Clay Mann, be scrapped ahead of the comic's release in 2019. The unfinished cover was criticized online for being too sexually suggestive, given that the subject was a deceased and bloodied female supervillain.

"An unfinished cover for Heroes in Crisis #7 was leaked prior to going through the standard DC approval process," said King. "I did not like the cover. I discussed the situation with DC editorial who agreed with my objections. This cover will not be used. Thank you."

King also took the time to emphasize that there was absolutely no bad blood between himself and Mann, adding in a follow-up tweet, "In case there's a doubt, my friend and comic book brother, Clay Mann, continues to set the bar in comics with his work on HiC. Proud and honored to be working with him. He's one of the greats."

The writer then shared some of Mann's art from an upcoming issue of the series, which features Green Arrow and Black Canary standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

The scrapped art, which will not act as the cover for Heroes in Crisis #7, can be found below.

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