Superman's Had Enough on Gerads' Heroes in Crisis #7 Cover

In anticipation of the upcoming seventh installment of DC’s Heroes in Crisis, artist Mitch Gerads released the cover for the issue.

In the image, Superman is seen pushing aside two characters while shouting “Enough!” Judging by what's visible in the frame, the Man of Steel will put an end to an argument between Harley Quinn and Booster Gold.

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Heroes in Crisis is a nine-issue series. The series, written by Tom King with art by Gerads, Clay Mann and Ryan Sook, kicked off with a mass shooting and has followed many notable characters – namely Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Booster Gold -- as they’ve struggled to cope with and get to the bottom of what happened.

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Despite the dark subject matter, King feels the series lines up with Rebirth’s theme of hope. “To me, rebirth and hope are not about denying or forgetting what's happened, what you've done or been through," King wrote on Twitter. "It's about facing that, understanding it, trying to get better, be better. It's not a middle finger at all; it's building on great work that I love."

Heroes in Crisis #7 goes on sale March 27. The series will conclude with issue #9, which is scheduled to release in May.

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