Heroes in Crisis #5 Will Tease Tom King's Next Limited Series

Comic book scribe Tom King made a name for himself by writing limited series that quickly became critically-acclaimed fan-favorites: Marvel's The Vision, Vertigo's The Sheriff of Babylon, as well as DC's The Omega Men and the recently-wrapped Mister Miracle.

All of these stories were noteworthy not just because they cut to the heart of the characters they were focusing on, but also because they were self-contained volumes with a beginning, middle and end. For the past few years, on top of his limited series, King has been hard at work guiding the latest adventures of the Dark Knight on one of DC's flagship titles: Batman. On top of that, King is also busy writing Heroes in Crisis, DC's latest event series.

Now that Mister Miracle is over, fans are eager to know when King will start working on his next character-focused limited series. Today, the writer has revealed that a hint to his next big project will be found in this week's Heroes in Crisis #5.

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"For the kind people who have been asking what my next new project will be, the sort of next Mister Miracle/Vision ambitions hopefully cool limited series thing, there’s a big hint/clue in Heroes in Crisis 5, which is out this Wednesday," the scribe wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Heroes in Crisis, which is illustrated by artist Clay Mann, is a murder mystery that involves the biggest superheroes in the DC Universe. After a tragedy befalls Sanctuary, a safe haven where heroes can privately deal with the trauma of their extraordinary lives, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are on the hunt for a mysterious killer who took the lives of many fan-favorite characters.

Since almost every big (and small) DC character has appeared in Heroes in Crisis in some capacity, it will be difficult to pinpoint which character King will work on next.

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Currently, King's Batman run, which is illustrated by the likes of Tony S. Daniel, Mikel Janin and Mitch Gerads, has reached issues #63. The writer has previously said that he plans to stay on the title up until issue #105, which means he has quite a bit of story left to tell with the Caped Crusader.

Heroes in Crisis #5 by Tom King, Clay Mann and Travis Moore, will hit store shelves this Wednesday, Jan. 28. Heroes in Crisis #9, the final issue of the series, is currently slated to be released in May.

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