Heroes, Hellboy, TMNT, Madman: January 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Right here at CBR we've got another behind-the-scenes look at the hit NBC series, and you can catch another one at director/producer Greg Beeman's official blog. Meanwhile, the team at Herosite have new official network descriptions on their spoiler page, and you can see screen captures on next week's trailer for "Distractions" in their image gallery.


The official blog has been updated with information about the DVD extras.


Director Kevin Munroe is quoted at Sci Fi Wire as saying things are almost done on the animated feature. "We're working around the clock to finish the 81-minute action film," director Kevin Munroe. "That includes 400 people working in Hong Kong six days a week who have been animating the 'TMNT' film since 2004."


Creator Michael Allred was interviewed by AnarchyMusic.net where he talked about development on the project. "We've actually talked to some people who have expressed great enthusiasm to be involved," Allred said. "Nothing's signed yet so I don't want to throw anything out there, but so far I seem that kid on Christmas morning thatÕs getting everything he wanted."


Actor Wes Bentley talked to Rotten Tomatoes about the film and let slip some spoilers about how his character develops in the film.

In another part of the world, Advertising Age notes that the Nicolas Cage vehicle will get a pre-game spot for the Super Bowl.


Ready for more screen captures from the latest episode? You can find 'em at Kung Fu Rodeo.


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