Heroes, Green Hornet, Transformers 2: September 22nd Comic Reel


One last rush of stuff before tonight's episode? Okay, let's start with a spoiler-filled early review from CBR News. Then we got an email about two interviews at The OWI, including one with director Greg Beeman and another with producer/writer Jeph Loeb.


A story in Variety's Asian edition noted that "Kung Fu Hustle" director-star Stephen Chow has signed on to helm and co-star in the film as Kato.


Could these photos at the TFW2005 message boards be a look at the new vehicle mode for Megatron?


Kryptonsite has screen captures of the promo for next week's episode "Plastique." There's also a spoilerish official network description of the upcoming episode "Instinct."


Actor Michael Chiklis told MTV. that he's not done with the orange suit. "No one's really given it the kibosh to me, but the silence has been deafening. The fact that no one's mentioned it or asked a question says that, more than likely, that's not going to happen," Chiklis said. "I know that both of them were tremendously successful from a box office standpoint, but we've all moved on into other areas and other films."


Ain't It Cool News has a script review of the Mark Millar project.


Two new posters for the film popped up at UGO while Bad Taste caught director Frank Miller in Italy, breaking down elements in a new trailer and more. Meanwhile, actor Gabriel Macht was interviewed by Wizard Universe.


The old rumor was "Brett Ratner will direct." The new rumor from Latino Review is that a number of directors are on a short list to helm the film, including Neil Marshall, James McTeigue, The Strause Brothers, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, Robert Rodriguez, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and the aforementioned Ratner.


According to the Los Angeles Times, the project has secured funding from Paramount Pictures after losing the backing of Universal Pictures.


We can't do this without you. The rumors, the scoops, the set photos -- they're all fueled by passionate fans emailing in the goods. The ones who ask, "What do you mean your sister's dating somebody who works for Warner Brothers?" The ones who know the code names of movie projects and scour city permit filings for them. The devoted, the involved. Fans, just like you. Whatever you know, we wanna know, and whether you want your name shouted to the web's rafters or kept closer than a classified report, we've got you covered like a comforter. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is your humble scribe Hannibal Tabu saying thank you for your time and indulgence, and what is The Hundred and Four?

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