'Heroes' goes back for third printing

Official Press Release

Due to a massive media outreach program and subsequent high consumer demand,Marvel is planning a third and final printing for HEROES, the full-colorposter magazine saluting the heroes of 9/11. Retailers can now place ordersfor the historic project, from which Marvel is donating all proceeds ofevery issue sold to the Twin Towers Fund. Retailers have until December 21st2001, to place new orders for HEROES, which has already reached acirculation of 250,000.

"Diamond Comics Distributors will let all accounts know about the thirdprinting through the December 12th Diamond Dateline, an upcoming PreviewsUpdate, their customer service reps, and an e-mail and fax campaign,"explained Marvel Sales Manager Fletcher Chu-Fong. "All backorders taken sofar on the book will be filled."

Priced at $3.50, the 64-page magazine, which features work by an all-starlist of creators including Neal Adams, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, AlanMoore, Joe Quesada, Alex Ross, and Kevin Smith, is scheduled to reach storeson January 9th, 2002.

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