10 Heroes Everyone Forgets Defeated Thanos

If Avengers: Endgame proved anything, it was that Thanos is one of the greatest adversaries ever to appear in the Marvel universe. Much like in the movies, Thanos was quite an unstoppable force in the comics.

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Thanos has killed some of the most powerful cosmic beings and defeated many of the most capable heroes. That being said, there are a few Marvel heroes who have managed to defeat the Mad Titan. Here are the top ten heroes everyone forgets defeated Thanos.

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10 Adam Warlock

The very same story adapted for the MCU's Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet story arc was quite an iconic one. Over the course of the story, as Thanos gathers the Infinity Gems he continues to get more powerful. By the end of the story, he is nearly unstoppable.

Although Thanos manages to physically dominate all of Earth's greatest heroes, he is not able to defeat Adam Warlock. That is because rather than trying to overpower Thanos, Warlock simply outsmarts him, tricking him into taking off the gauntlet long enough to be snatched away.

9 Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)


One of Thanos' original enemies was, in fact, the original Captain Marvel himself, the Kree soldier, Mar-Vell. Captain Marvel was one of the first cosmic adventurers in Marvel comics. Although today he has taken quite the back seat to his replacement, Carol Danvers, originally Mar-Vell was a power-player in the Marvel universe.

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After Thanos had gained the all-powerful Cosmic Cube, he was set on a path for universe-domination. Learning that the Cube was the source of Thanos' increased power, Mar-Vell focused all of his power into destroying. Then, because Thanos was vulnerable, Captain Marvel was able to defeat him.

8 Thor

Thor is the most popular god in the Marvel universe. He has slain many giant monsters and dangerous villains. As strong as Thor is, Thanos has always been stronger. Except on one occasion.

One of Thor's many journies had ended with the Asgardian gods captured by Thanos. After escaping and defeating Thanos' henchman Mangog, Thor went after the Mad Titan. Aided by ancient Asgardian weapons granted to Thor by his father Odin, Thor was able to defeat Thanos quite handily.

7 Wolverine

He's the best there is at what he does and what that is isn't very nice. Wolverine has spent most of his career maiming and killing criminals. A cosmic despot such as Thanos, however, seems to be a little outside of Wolverine's weight class.

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Despite this, Wolverine did manage to kill the Titan on at least one occasion. During a What-If story, a new version of the Fantastic Four comprised of Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man head to space to defeat the Mad Titan. Tricking the Titan into thinking he's an ally, Wolverine manages to get close enough to slice of Thanos' arm, removing the Infinity Gauntlet he was wearing at the time.

6 Drax

In Marvel comics, Drax the Destroyer was specifically created to kill Thanos. Although he got many shots at it, Drax has always come up short on fulfilling this goal. Or at least, almost always.

Fighting his way through of all Thanos' ranks, Drax finally comes face to face with the mad despot. He then proceeds to punch a hole straight through Thanos' chest, killing him. Although Thanos would later be resurrected, this was still a great win for Drax, finally getting to fulfill his purpose.

5 Star-Lord

In the MCU movies, Star-Lord was the hero who tragically ruined the Avenger's plans, allowing Thanos to complete his quest to kill half the universe. Fortunately enough for the comics universe, Peter Quill affected quite a different outcome during his team's battle with the Mad Titan.

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Although he didn't kill Thanos, Quill, with the power of the Cosmic Cube, managed to blast the Titan with enough energy that it put him in a coma. Such a powerful blow came from the unlikeliest of heroes.

4 Deadpool

Deadpool's incredible healing factor makes him one of the most lethal assassins in the Marvel universe. That being said, he doesn't have the raw physical strength to be able to go toe to toe with Thanos.

Or at least, Deadpool didn't until he was imbued with the Uni-Power. A sentient cosmic force that turns it's chosen host into the almighty Captain Universe, the Uni-Power came across Wade Wilson and found him worthy. With his new enhanced abilities, Deadpool was able to easily defeat Marvel's greatest villain.

3 Squirrel Girl

Although Squirrel Girl was considered a joke for most of her comic book existence, in recent years she has gained quite a fan following. During one of her most recent series, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, the titular character was comically shown to defeat many great villains far more powerful than herself.

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One of these such villains was the mighty Thanos. Although it happened off-panel, the omniscient Uatu the Watcher insists that this was indeed the real Thanos. Squirrel Girl certainly has a lot of tricks up her sleeves.

2 Lock Jaw

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers was one of the cutest Marvel series written to date. Within these issues, the Inhuman Royal Family's pet, Lockjaw, managed to get the best of Thanos. Other members of the Pet Avengers include Zabu the Sabertooth tiger, Falcon's bird Redwing and a frog/Thor creature named Throg.

The Pet Avengers gathered up all of the Infinity Gems and placed them on Lockjaws collar. Using the combined force of all the Infinity Gems, Lockjaw was able to fell Thanos with one powerful blast of energy. At the end of the fight, Lockjaw uses his teleportation powers, enhanced by the gems, to place Thanos in another dimension.

1 Ka-Zar

Thanos is one of the strongest beings in the entire Universe. He has battled some of the most powerful heroes, such as Hulk and Thor, and managed to come out on top. Ka-Zar, on the other hand, is just a man. Raised in the Savage Land, Ka-Zar is essentially a Tarzan archetype.

On one occasion, Thanos arrived in the Savage Land and came into conflict with Ka-Zar. Using his wits, agility, and knowledge of the land, Ka-Zar defeated Thanos. Ka-Zar lured Thanos into the depths of a volcano, and then again tricked him into a Terraformer that blasted the Mad Titan thousands of miles away.

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