<i>Heroes</i> Could Get A Farewell Movie

There's a chance the newly canceled Heroes could return next season just long enough to wave goodbye.

Hollywood Insider reports that NBC executives will talk to creator Tim Kring about producing a two-hour movie or some other event to provide the series, and fans, with closure.

The article doesn't offer format options for the potential "other event," but I suppose it could be a four-hour movie/miniseries, as floated early last week. However, we can be certain it's not the abbreviated 13-episode season some had hoped for.

It's all very tentative, sure, but for those holding out for a proper send-off after four seasons it provides at least a glimmer of ... something. Of course, there's a possibility the farewell could be awful -- like Season 4 awful -- and serve only to remind some of us why we stopped watching in the first place. But, hey, that's closure, too, isn't it?

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