Heroes Con: Southern Comfort

From the reports that have been trickling out, Heroes Con sounds like the exact opposite of San Diego: Laid-back and all about the comics. Everyone who went seems to have had a good time, and no one is complaining about not being able to get a hotel room. Heidi MacDonald reports that the con floor was sold out and pre-registrations were strong, which always bodes well.

Rich Barrett has been going to Heroes Con for years, but this was his first time in a professional capacity, and he posts about what he learned last weekend.

Jeff Parker's con report sounds like the absolute essence of comics conventions—eating too much, staying up too late, having a great time with friends, and talkin' comics. A lot like being in college, in other words, but crammed into a single weekend.

Ben Towle peppers his con reports (day 1, day 2, day 3) with the sketches he drew when things were slow, not that things were slow for all that much of the weekend.

Roger Langridge checks in with a chronicle of his adventures and the people he met at the con.

Craig Fischer of Thought Balloonists arrived late but had a great time anyway, hanging out with creators and providing the intros for the film clips at the Defective Comics panel. His post will make you laugh.

For those who want to feel like they were there, Chris Sims posts the video of his Ask Chris Live panel at Comics Alliance.

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