Heroes, Casanova, ZMD, Watchmen: July 22nd Comic Reel


Actor Masi Oka is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about the new "Villains" coming to the show. "I think that you'll see a dark side of everybody, because being a hero or villain is very subjective," Oka said. "Each human being has the ability to become a hero or a villain. It's the choices that we make every day, and that can be influenced by the things around us. So you'll see the journeys of everybody, you know? ... Will they become heroes? Will they become villains? Even villains can become heroes. It's all relative."

Also, the second webisode has been posted to the official site ...


According to Entertainment Weekly, producer Rick Alexander (MGM's Adventures in the Land of Zametherea) and manager-producer Jeff Krelitz have signed a deal to bring the Image comic (along side another Matt Fraction creation, "Last of the Independents") to the silver screen. This is merely the first of what the producers hope will be a Bond-type franchise. Casanova "[will] live on but be played by a different actor each time out," said Krelitz, who notes that the duo will hire a scriptwriter only after securing a star and director.


A story in the Hollywood Reporter notes that Benderspink has picked up the film rights to the recently released Red 5 Comics' horror/action comic from Kevin Grevioux.


Variety reports that "Battlestar Galactica" stalwart Michael Rymer will direct and co-produce a feature film adaptation of the Top Cow comic.


Artist James Jean is responsible for the Sally Jupiter pin up that can be briefly seen in the promotional footage, and he just posted the original on his website.


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers and a title for the new season's fourth episode.


Remember those estimates of ticket sales? Seems they were conservative by about three million bucks. Box Office Mojo notes the final domestic tally as $158,411,483. Mercy!


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