Spider-Man: 5 Marvel Heroes Carnage Has Defeated (& 5 He Actually Lost Against)

Perhaps Spider-Man's most powerful enemy, Carnage is almost impossible to stop. Matched with his insane bloodlust, this makes Carnage a truly terrifying villain to come across. Stronger than both Spider-Man and Venom combined, Carnage is a force to be reckoned with.

Over the course of his long history, Carnage has fought many heroes other than Spider-Man. Several of these other heroes Carnage has defeated. Some of them have defeated him. Here are five Marvel heroes that Carnage has defeated, and five that he actually lost against.

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10 Spider-Man - Defeated

In the majority of battles, the two superhumans have had, Carnage tends to come out on top. He is simply too powerful for Spider-Man. The webhead often finds himself overwhelmed not just by Carnage's strength, but also his unpredictable, chaotic nature.

In order to defeat the mad symbiote, Spidey usually has to enlist the help of his greatest allies. Whether that be the Fantastic Four, or his on again off again ally in Venom. Spidey does what it takes to stop Carnage, even if it means making compromises with villains like Venom.

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9 Spider-Man & Venom - Lost Against

During his first encounter with Carnage, Spider-Man was soundly beaten. The serial killer/symbiote then went on a murderous rampage, choosing to do whatever he pleases. With nowhere left to turn, Spidey was forced to turn to one of his greatest villains, Venom.

Although Venom is known for his hatred of Spider-Man, he actually isn't pure evil like his red counterpart. Upon learning that Carnage was his offspring and murdering innocent people, Venom decided it was his responsibility to stop the murderer's rampage.  Spider-Man and Venom were able to barely defeat the mad symbiote, and on several other occasions have teamed up to barely defeat him again and again.

8 Venom - Defeated

While teaming up with Spidey often leads to the defeat of Carnage, Venom on his own doesn't really stand a chance. Carnage was born from Venom's symbiote, and he is simply stronger, faster and more durable than his "father."

Venom nevertheless tries to fight Carnage time and time again. Carnage is essentially Venom's antagonist, and he will always return to fight his evil symbiote kin.

7 Mr. Fantastic - Lost Against

The first person Spider-Man turns to whenever he needs assistance is Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four. When Spider-Man first wore the Venom costume, it was Reed who discovered that the suit was alive and weak to sonics.

On a few separate occasions, Spider-Man has called on the help of Mr. Fanastsic to stop Carnage from continuing his many murder sprees. Using his technological knowledge, Reed has built a variety of sonic weapons, including a sonic gun, to stop Carnage. These weapons have proved to be incredibly effective, and have even separated the Carnage symbiote from its host, the serial killer Cletus Kasady.

6 Man-Wolf - Defeated

During the Carnage comic book series, a team of soldiers was formed to apprehend Kasady and his symbiote once and for all. Among this team was John Jameson, the son of J. Jonah Jameson. On one of Jameson's trips to the moon, he recovered a strange red stone that transformed him into a creature known as Man-Wolf.

When the plan went off the rails and Carnage started murdering all the soldiers, the Man-Wolf was activated. Jameson put up quite a fight and got some good hits in. Despite this, the fight didn't last long with Carnage coming out on top. All he had to do was pull John's magical red stone out of his chest.

5 Silver Surfer - Lost Against

During one particular fight between Spider-Man and Carnage, it just so happened that the cosmic hero Silver Surfer was passing by. Quickly intervening, it was quite clear that the surfer was much more powerful than Carnage. Out of fear of being destroyed, the symbiote lept onto Silver Surfer in hopes of bonding with him.

The alien's attempt to bond with the Silver Surfer failed, and using his cosmic powers, the hero then imprisoned Carnage within a pocket dimension. The symbiot eventually escaped, but no doubt will continue to avoid any conflict with the Silver Surfer in the future.

4 Toxin - Defeated


While Carnage is the offspring of Venom, Toxin is the offspring of Carnage. Upon learning that he was going to create an offspring, Carnage became furious. He hated the idea of bringing a new life into this world, partly fearing that Toxin may become more powerful and kill Carnage.

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Although Toxin was more powerful than Carnage, he was nevertheless able to defeat his young offspring. This is most likely due to Carnage's murderous experience.

3 Sentry - Lost Against

When a group of supervillains staged a breakout at the Raft, Carnage was among the villains escaping. While a newly formed team of New Avengers, including Spider-Man and Wolverine, showed up to stop the escape, they found themselves overwhelmed by the number of escapees.

Among the prisoners at the Raft was the forgotten hero known as Sentry. Choosing to help the new team of Avengers, Sentry grabs Carnage and flies into space. Upon reaching the upper atmosphere, Sentry rips Carnage in half and leaves his corpse floating in space.

2 Avengers - Defeated

Carnage controlling avengers

Later in Carnage's career, he gained an additional ability. Carnage is now able to create small symbiote clones of himself that he uses to possess and control whoever they bond with. During the Carnage USA storyline, Carnage was using this power to take over a small town.

Upon learning that Carnage was terrorizing an entire town, a team of Avengers arrived to stop him. Using this new ability, Carnage defeated and took control over Captain America, Hawkeye, Thing, and Wolverine. Luckily Spider-Man was there to eventually save the day.

1 Deadpool - Lost Against

Deadpool versus Carnage

Chaotic and murderous in his own way, Deadpool is essentially the "good" version of Carnage. His incredible healing factor allows the mercenary anti-hero to keep up with Carnage in a battle, despite the many sharp and deadly weapons Carnage produces from his skin.

In the Deadpool Vs. Carnage mini-series, Deadpool is able to survive Carnage's attacks and eventually defeat the mad villain. The two of them will no doubt battle again in the future.

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