10 Heroes Who Should Make Up The Team In Avengers 5

There will be no Avengers movie in Phase 4 of the MCU, the first phase to not include one at all. However, that does not mean Marvel is finished with the superteam as Kevin Feige said it would be back in a different form in the future. He also said that everything in this upcoming phase would lay the groundwork for what is to come.

Several heroes could be great fits for the new MCU Avengers team that already exists in the world. There are also heroes that Marvel has said they will introduce in Phase 4 that could step into a major role on the team as well. Here is a look at 10 heroes who should make up the next Avengers team in the MCU.

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Doctor Strange


The Avengers need a leader, so there is no better place to start than with Doctor Strange. The best thing about Strange is that he has the arrogance and conceit of Iron Man and is just as much a genius, albeit more on the biological science side rather than the engineering side.

Strange was always supposed to be the next Iron Man, but his first movie faltered somewhat which might have slowed things down. If the second movie in Phase 4 is a bigger success, expect Strange to move back into the forefront of the MCU.


Paul Rudd

Ant-Man was a founding member of The Avengers in the comics. However, he was introduced later in the MCU, and it wasn't even Hank Pym, but Scott Lang. That might be for the better as Lang was a more relatable, and younger character for fans of the MCU.

Lang always wanted to be part of the Avengers and idolized Captain America. He didn't do anything with them, though, outside of fighting on one side in Civil War and then showing up in Endgame. Its time Ant-Man finally took his place as an official member of the team.


With Ant-Man comes Wasp. Just like Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne was also an original founding member of The Avengers. Her daughter Hope is now The Wasp, and as she has proven in Ant-Man and the Wasp, she is even better than Scott when it comes to fighting bad guys.

Black Widow was good, and the Scarlet Witch proved useful, but the team in Avengers 5 needs to have a better ratio of male and female members, and Wasp is a necessity. Ant-Man and The Wasp could be core members serving under Doctor Strange on their next big mission.


Hawkeye and Kate Bishop

While Marvel has not explicitly explained the story, it seems like the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+ will see the end of Clint Barton as Hawkeye -- unless he is just around as a mentor in the future. Both Clint and the new Hawkeye, Kate Bishop figures into the plot of the original series.

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There are rumors that the next Avengers team will be young. Scott Lang nor Stephen Strange are young, but they could serve as veteran heroes working with the next generation of The Avengers and Kate Bishop's Hawkeye needs to be part of that new wave of hero.


Now, moving back to the heroes who have already worked with The Avengers once. Sam Wilson needs to remain on the team. With Captain America old and moving on, Sam received the shield and will become a new Captain America/Falcon hybrid assumedly when the Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney+ series airs.

Then, Avengers 5 would still have its Captain America in the lineup. Falcon has been a fun character through the movies, and he deserves to remain an active part of the team -- one of the only remaining members to stick with it through thick and thin.


Hulkling Jim Cheung

The next two characters on this list come as a team. The first is Hulkling. There is already a story set up here for him. If Mar-Vell lived on Earth as long as she said, she had to enjoy company along the way.

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Could she have a child on Earth? Is there a chance she was with a Skrull, who was here as well, and their child ended up as Hulkling. He is the heart and soul of the Young Avengers in the comics. He deserves to be part of the next generation of Avengers heroes in the MCU, even if the MCU has not introduced him yet.


With Hulking comes Wiccan. This introduction is a difficult one but could be set up quickly in the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision. See Wiccan (and his brother Speed) are the twin sons of Scarlet Witch and Vision that she created and then lost.

These twins essence went into Wiccan and Speed, but neither they nor their mother knew this. However, that is not why he needs to be in Avengers 5. Wiccan is Hulkling's lover, and they deserve to be together in the MCU. The world is ready for this pairing.


In Avengers: Endgame, Ant-Man returned to the real world five years later and learned that his daughter Cassie was not one of the people snapped out of existence. This time-lapse means she was not returned at the same age and aged five years, turning into a teenager.

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With Cassie at the perfect age, it is a good idea to follow the storyline of Young Avengers and have her meet Kate Bishop nad the two can force their way onto the team. It could also be how Ant-Man and Wasp agree to join as well, to keep an eye on Scott's daughter.



Black Panther is not on the list for a good reason. He is the King of Wakanda. After the snap, he needs to be in his home country, helping rebuild it after everyone returned. This fact is the same reason Valkyrie is not here, as she needs to work on rebuilding Asgard on Earth.

However, while Black Panther could use his genius sister Shuri as he works to rebuild his empire, he has diplomatic work to do and doesn't need the tech side as much. Shuri could be the brains behind the new Avengers team. She can do everything Iron Man could do -- and maybe more.


Ms Marvel Kamala Khan


The last name on this list is the one that Marvel just introduced as a new part of the MCU. Kamala Khan, the enthusiastic and energetic Ms. Marvel, is coming to the MCU via her own Disney+ television series.

Ms. Marvel is a fangirl, loves superheroes, and is a perfect person to put on a team alongside names like Stature and Hawkeye. Those three girls could rule the movie screen if they were Avengers on the same team. Make it happen, Marvel.

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