'Heroes' auctions shatters expectations, raises over $60,000

Official Press Release

An all-star list of artists, police officers, firemen, and art-loversgathered in the prestigious Club 101 to pay tribute to the Heroes ofSeptember 11th -- and in the process raised a staggering amount of money forthe Twin Towers Fund! From Chris Claremont to Adam Kubert, some of theindustry's most talented creators -- who all contributed to Marvel's HEROEStribute posterbook -- assembled in New York City to see their work sold in acharity auction. And when guest-host Kevin Smith took the microphone, thecrowd -- filled to standing-room-only capacity -- knew they were in for aspecial night. But it wasn't until the winning bids were tallied that allpresent realized just how amazing the auction was.

20 paintings and illustrations were auctioned, raising a staggering$66,750.00! Considering that the estimated bids would total a little over$20,000.00, this final amount raised was indeed impressive. The highest bidwent to Alex Ross's HEROES cover painting -- which raised $10,000.00 alone-- followed by a $7,000.00 winning bid for the HEROES back coverillustration by Marvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada and Todd McFarlane --purchased by Joe's wife, Nanci Quesada! The icing on the cake? Kevin Smithoutbid himself to purchase a painting by Brian Stelfreeze!

The artwork's creators and the winning bids included:

1. Neal Adams - $4,600.00

2. J. Scott Campbell - $800.00

3. Richard Corben - $800.00

4. Mike Deodato - $4,000.00

5. Gene Ha - $800.00

6. Sam Kieth - $6,000.00

7. Adam Kubert - $900.00

8. Joe Kubert - $1,350.00

9. Jim Lee - $2,000.00

10. Jae Lee & Neil Gaiman - $900.00

11. Frank Miller - $6,500.00

12. Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons - $1,600.00

13. Tom Palmer - $3,000.00

14. George Pérez - $1,500.00

15. Joe Quesada & Todd McFarlane - $7,000.00

16. John Romita Sr. & Jr. - $5,000.00

17. Alex Ross - $10,000.00

18. Steve Rude - $3,000.00

19. Bill Sienkiewicz - $3,500.00

20. Brian Stelfreeze - $3,500.00

Total Winning Bids - $66,750.00

"The auction for HEROES was a great event," said Marvel Editor and eventorganizer Andrew Lis. "It showed what we could accomplish as an industry,and the potential we all have to do good. It was amazing to see members ofthe FDNY and NYPD, U.S. Marines, comic art dealers, industry professionals,models from Glamour Magazine, and reporters from the New York Times and NewYork Post, all united for a common cause: to help others get through one ofour nation's most trying times."

"Words cannot describe what an incredible night the Heroes Auction turnedout to be," stated Quesada. "All around you could see New York's Finest andBravest hob-knobbing with comic book legends like Neal Adams and Tom Palmer.It was truly a sight to behold! I want to thank all those who came to theevent and contributed to this wonderful cause. Also in need of greatrecognition are all of the writers and artists who donated to this project.Keep in mind that we're not done yet! There's a very large online auctioncoming up shortly, so stay tuned for details!"

For additional information on the online auction, please contact NadiaMannarino of All Star Auctions (www.allstarauctions.net, 201-652-1305,nadia@allstarauctions.net).

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