Heroes and villain collide in epic fanmade 'Justice League' trailer

Though the lack of existing footage from Warner Bros. upcoming Justice League prevented the studio from even thinking about giving fans a look at the anticipated film (production has not even begun on the movie) that didn't stop YouTube user AlexLuthor from using his imagination -- and not inconsiderable editing skills -- from creating his own trailer for the upcoming superhero blockbuster.

Using the speech Russell Crowe's Jor-El made for his son, Kal-El, as the voiceover, and incorporating footage from Star Trek, Conan the Fast & Furious franchise, The CW's Flash and, yes, the new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, AlexLuthor has crafted an impressive, action-packed teaser that incorporates the entire announced Justice League roster, and pits them against an inspired choice of foe.

Though it remains unclear whether New Line Cinema's in-development Shazam film is or is not intended to be a part of the nascent DC Comics movie universe, AlexLuthor's use of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam as his trailer's antagonist certainly makes a fine argument for incorporating the character into the actual JL film. He also casts Chris Pine in his rumored Green Lantern role, which, frankly, sells us even more on the idea of Captain Kirk bearing a green ring.

Check out the full trailer below.

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