'Heroes Among Us' exibit space and date finalized

Back in November we we told you about plans by the New York City Comic Book Museum for a very special exhibit of comic art from the Marvel "Heroes" tribute book and the "9-11: Emergency Relief." At the time the exhibit was very much in the planning stages and an exhibit place had not yet been finalized.

Today the museum announced on their Web site that a location and date have been set. The exhibit, known as "Heroes Among Us," is set for Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002 and will be held at the New York City Fire Museum.

David Gabriel, the museum president, told CBR News in November that the exhibit will display enlargements of the artwork contained in the Marvel "Heroes" in it's entirety. Also, Publisher Jeff Mason of Alternative Comics, the man behind "9-11: Emergency Relief" has pledged items from their book. Dark Horse Comics has also committed to showing artwork from their upcoming tribute book, "September 11: Volume 1."

Wednesday afternoon CBR News got in touch with museum president David Gabriel to clarify some particulars about "Heroes Among Us." First, the exhibit will run from January 22 through February 7th at the New York City Fire Museum. Second, the gala opening night event (sorry, invitation only) will be held the night of January 23.

For more about the museum visit the Web site at http://www.nyccomicbookmuseum.org/ and as details become known we'll release the latest here at CBR News.

Read the full press release here.

Article updated December 20th, 2001

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