Heroes, Afro Samurai, Ghost Rider, Smallville: January 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


The Flying Man and the Incredible Hulk-ette? Actress Ali Larter is quoted at Sci Fi Wire saying that she will be seeing "Profit" veteran Adrian Pasdar on screen again soon. "Me and Adrian had some really great stuff in episode four ['Collision'], and I think that they will be bringing our characters back together," Larter said. "I loved working with him. I think he's an amazing actor." Will the two characters end up entangled again? "I don't know," she said, adding: "Actually, I do know, but I can't tell you. He's great. He's a wonderful actor. You know, he's been in the business for such a long time, and he just makes a good environment that's so relaxed for me to work, and I'm really looking forward to working with him in the future."

Meanwhile, according to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Eric Roberts will be joining the cast.

Right here at CBR you'll find the latest behind-the-scenes breakdown with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.

Also, you can find screen captures from the trailer to next week's episode and a special network promo showcasing a new character, both at Herosite.

Finally, a new website steeped in the show's mythos has launched at PrimatechPaper.com, which can be fully accessed using the code "MT36."


You can also get a gaggle of screen captures from the third episode of the Sam Jackson-voiced adventure at Kung Fu Rodeo.


AMC Theaters is showing around a first look of the Spirit of Vengeance, and somebody went and posted it on YouTube ... you know, like you do.


There's an in depth podcast/MP3 interview with co-executive producer Steven DeKnight at Starkville (posted in two parts -- mmm, segmented).


Will he or won't he -- Comic Book Movie asked actor Doug Jones if his voice would be the one we'd hear when Norrin Radd speaks. The answer? A resounding "maybe" -- "I don't know,: Jones said. "I'm not sure, the studio [20th Century Fox] is very involved right now."


Frank Miller's Spartan war story makes its world premiere at the 57th Berlinale film festival in Germany, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


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