"Herobear" September Art Sale For Charity

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA – All during the month of September, The Astonish Factory is excited that they will be offering for sale a small sampling of Original Artwork from Mike Kunkel, including art from his Eisner-award winning Herobear and the Kid and The Land of Sokmunster books. Only a very few original pages have ever been sold, so this will be a very unique opportunity.

Most important about the sale is that Astonish also wants to make a difference in people's lives and have a positive result from the creations at the Astonish Factory. So they have decided that 10% of every purchase price of every single piece of artwork sold during the September Art Sale will go to the TOYS FOR TOTS charity.  

"Fans have emailed us and asked at Cons about Original Art, but because it's so personal, it's been very hard for me to part with much of any of it,"   said Herobear creator Mike Kunkel.   "However, being able to offer some all at once and then make it possible to donate to a great charity like Toys for Tots, is something that made it easier to pick some favorites to make available."

And in addition, for the winning buyers of every piece of art sold . . . each piece will also include an autographed Hard Cover edition of either Herobear or Sokmunster as a free gift with the artwork. The books will be autographed inside on the actual page/artwork that corresponds to the original piece that is bought.  

During the entire month of September, artwork will be offered on Ebay under the title Astonishfactoryexclusives.   More info on the whole event can be found at www.mikekunkel.blogspot.com or www.astonishnews.blogspot.com

Herobear and the kid and The Land of Sokmunster books are available in bookstores, libraries and comic shops everywhere.


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