'Herobear and the Kid' on YALSA list

Official Press Release

Toluca Lake, CA -- January 29, 2004 -- Herobear and the kid: The Inheritance, the first collection of the two-time Eisner Award winning comic book, was selected for the exclusive 2004 Popular Paperbacks list. The list, created by The Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Committee and sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) of the American Library Association (ALA), announced its 2004 finalized selections at the ALA Midwinter meeting held January 9 - 12, 2004 in San Diego.

"I couldn't be happier," said Mike Kunkel, creator of Herobear. "I've always hoped that Herobear would be something people could both enjoy and connect with. To be nominated for this prestigious list was flattering enough, but to be selected as one of the finalists by the Young Adults Committee and the Young Adult Library Services Association of the ALA is awesome and truly an honor."

Each year The Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Committee is charged to prepare one to five annotated lists of at least ten to no more than twenty-five recommended titles that are widely available in paperback and are selected from popular genres, topics or themes. The theme for which Herobear was selected was "If It Weren't for Them: Heroes". The final list for "Heroes" includes heroes real and imaginary, historic and contemporary. The purpose of the lists is to encourage young adults, ages twelve to eighteen, to read for pleasure.

Herobear and the kid: The Inheritance (Astonish Comics, $19.95, ISBN: 0-9721259-1-4, 6.625"x10.25", 208 pages) chronicles the adventures of a young boy named Tyler and his magical gift -- a stuffed toy bear that can come to life as…Herobear! Contained in this edition are loads of extra sketches, notes, and drawings. Herobear and the kid: The Inheritance is available at finer bookstores, libraries, and comic book shops everywhere.

The Astonish Factory encourages readers to: "Remember your childhood…and pass it on."


Astonish Comics was founded in 1999 by Mike Kunkel. In September 2003, Kunkel merged his studios with Scott Christian Sava's Blue Dream Studios, forming The Astonish Factory. Under that umbrella is now Astonish Comics, Astonish Books, Astonish Toys, and Astonish Studios. Having both worked in animation in Hollywood on numerous features and television projects, they strive to tell comic stories in a new way -- The Animation Way. Please visit at www.theastonishfactory.com.

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