10 Screen Hero Vs Comic Book Hero Battles We'd Love To See

Whatever entertainment medium you prefer, if you're a die-hard fan of adventure, fantasy or action, a variation of this question has undoubtedly crossed your mind: "Who would win if (insert character here) fought (insert character here)?"

It's the age-old ask that is frequently the subject of debate among lovers of fantasy fiction. But sadly, these fictional contests rarely come to pass and fans are left to guess and argue possible outcomes. To help ease some of the pain, here are 10 Screen Hero vs Comic Book Hero Battles We'd Love to See, along with an estimation of which character has the edge.

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10 Harry Potter vs Zatanna

"The Boy Who Lived" and DC's siren sorceress both have unique magical gifts that make them quite formidable in their own ways. The big problem for Harry is that Zatanna can cast spells with relative ease just by speaking backward. Harry, on the other hand, needs to concentrate quite hard and flick his wand exactly right to make his spells work.

Harry's best bet would be a quick "Silencio" charm, which can render opponents temporarily mute. But it's historically been quite a difficult spell to get right. And even if he did manage to silence Zatanna, she's great at hand-to-hand combat, so she could snatch his wand off him and have him tapping out within seconds.

Edge: Zatanna

9 John McClane vs The Punisher

Frank Castle, Marvel's Punisher is a grim and gritty avenger with serious combat training. He'll stop at nothing to mow down criminals - who he feels destroy lives, just as they did his family's. And John McClane will protect his family at all costs.

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The Punisher is a humorless, hardcore bruiser who angrily shoots his way out of situations, leaving damaged property and bodies in his wake. McClane, however, always maintains a level of levity and cool. The Die-hard franchise has proved that he's very resourceful and cunning. And despite the Punisher's size and aggression, McClane would probably outwit him through inventive improvisation.

Edge: John McClane

8 The Bride (Kill Bill) vs Black Widow

Kill Bill's "Bride" or "Black Mamba" is a highly efficient trained assassin who's fought against the top martial artists in the underworld and come out on top. Natasha Romanoff is a Russian spy who defected to the other side and holds her own, even among Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

In combat, the Bride and Black Widow would be pretty evenly matched. And both have become accustomed to taking a lot of punishment. But it's likely that Black Widow's experience battling super-powered foes who are way more powerful than she is, along with her calculating mind, would give her the edge over the Bride's sheer brutality.

Edge: Black Widow

7 The Doctor vs The Flash

DC's Flash is an established time traveler, both in the comics and in the CW's TV series. And every incarnation of The Doctor essentially has the same tools at their disposal:

The TARDIS, a sentient time-machine which is able to take its inhabitants anywhere in time or space, and a Sonic Screwdriver - the Doctor's "timey wimey" Swiss army knife, which can inexplicably fix things, control technology, and do various other things. Plus, the Doctor always has a loyal companion or two on-hand.

The Flash's speed may give him an advantage at first, but The Doctor is an immortal who can even regenerate if he/she is killed. Add to that a sentient TARDIS, which is exclusively commanded by The Doctor and, in theory, could trap Flash anywhere in time or space and the Scarlet Speedster doesn't stand a chance.

Edge: The Doctor

6 Maleficent vs Wonder Woman

Disney's Maleficent is a dark and powerful fairy with a host of magical abilities including telekinesis, teleportation, transfiguration and plant control. Wonder Woman has the power and wisdom of the Gods on her side and a magic lasso that can bring the truth out of anyone under its influence.

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It's a tough contest. But Wonder Woman's strength and determination have gotten the better of powerful magical beings - and even Gods - before. There's no doubt that Maleficent would use the forces at her disposal to beat the Amazon down initially. But Wonder Woman would keep getting up until she caught Maleficent in her Lasso of Truth, and would probably imprison the dark fairy in moly to render her magic useless - just as she did with the witch Circe.

Edge: Wonder Woman

5 Superman vs Hancock

Hancock is essentially a derivative of Superman as far as powers and abilities are concerned. Although one notable difference between the two is that Hancock appears to be immortal. Hancock and Supes seem quite evenly matched for strength. Both can move mountains and both are largely invulnerable.

But if the battle occurred on a sunny day, Superman may just step up that little bit extra. Superman's cells are essentially solar batteries that are charged by Earth's yellow sunlight, so his power could outmatch Hancock's if he were able to absorb enough rays. Superman also has much more experience fighting super-powered beings than Hancock does.

Edge: Superman

4 Hellboy vs Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger traps people in nightmares and uses their terror to feed him. Enough fear can allow Krueger's murderous actions to manifest in the real world, where he kills his victims violently. In Freddy vs Jason, Freddy gained enhanced strength in the real world too, though he is more powerful in the dream realm.

Hellboy is the son of a demon with a natural resistance to occult-based threats. He is also very strong and would probably match or surpass Freddy's strength in the real world. But most importantly, Hellboy has been to Hell and back - literally. He doesn't scare easily. And fear is Freddy's greatest weapon. It's likely that Hellboy has this one.

Edge: Hellboy

3 Pennywise vs the Joker

For those who haven't seen IT: Chapter 2 yet, it's only fair to issue a spoiler warning here. Avert your eyes and skip to the next entry if you don't know how IT ends yet.

Batman's nemesis and Pennywise the clown are cut from the same cloth. The two evil clowns have left a trail of deaths in their wake and neither of them has any empathy for their victims. Both capitalize on their victims' fear and take great pleasure in making them suffer for the sake of enjoyment.

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Pennywise scares his victims before he consumes them. But Joker would shrug off Pennywise's attempts to frighten him. And bearing in mind that [HERE'S THAT SPOILER] Pennywise was ultimately dispatched with a sharp blade from the Losers' Club, Joker would kill him with relative ease in comparison.

Edge: The Joker

2 Iron Man vs The Terminator

Killer cybernetic organism from the future vs armored genius: Who wins? Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic T-800 model Terminator is a cold, unfeeling robot that's solely focused on completing its mission. Tony Stark has armor for every occasion - from Mark 1 to Mark 49 and more.

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If the T-800 could get close enough to Iron Man, its physical strength and cold brutality would do some damage to the hero's armor. But the Avenger's speed, power of flight, and Repulsor Rays would quickly counter the killing machine's brute force. Ultimately, a focused Repulsor blast and a few portable missiles (if need be) would break the T-800 apart, leaving a heap of burned metal for Stark to dissect and adapt to his own needs.

Edge: Iron Man

1 Batman vs James Bond

Both Bond and Batman have access to an impressive array of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. Both are quick thinkers who do extremely well under pressure, and both have world-class hand-to-hand combat skills. Recent Bond outings on screen have portrayed the character as a brutal killer who works outside the rules.

Batman is a cunning and relentless vigilante who does not condone killing. So it's highly likely that he'd clash with Bond if they met. Bond would certainly give Batman a run for his money in a stand-up fight. But ultimately, Batman's armored suit and his strategic ability to identify and capitalize on an opponent's weaknesses would make him a hard-fought victor, even though he'd probably come out battered and broken.

Edge: Batman

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