Hero Initiative toasts '100 Avengers' project with one-of-a-kind bottle

Jim McLaughlin at The Hero Initiative let us know about a unique new addition to the nonprofit organization's upcoming "100 New Avengers" project: a custom New Avengers bottle, graced with a bevy of original art from the talented hands of some of comics' biggest talent. The bottle, seen at right, will debut next week at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo -- along with all 100 of the New Avengers covers created for the project.

At current count there are six artists' contributions on the bottle, with more planned by the time of its official premiere. Admission into the debut event at C2E2 not only gets you in the event -- duh! -- but also a free raffle ticket for a chance to win the bottle.


Head over to The Hero Intiative's blog for more information and to see more shots of the bottle.

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