My Hero Academia: The 10 Most Powerful Villains, Ranked

The villains in My Hero Academia are some of the most wicked and brutal around. Admittedly that’s probably one of the reasons we love this show so much. The series does a fantastic job of throwing all sorts of antagonists at our main characters—fitting them in perfectly with the current plot or theme.

But who are the most powerful villains in MHA? We all have our favorites, of course, but how do they fit in with the ranking? Keep reading to see who did and didn’t make the cut. Just a heads up before we begin; this list will include characters from the manga, so there might be a spoiler or two. We'll try to keep details to a minimum when possible.

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10 Kurogiri

Let's start off the list with a character who has an extremely useful ability. We are, of course, talking about Kurogiri. Kurogiri's ability is teleportation. This has been more than a little bit useful to Shigaraki and his plans. Well, it was useful, at least.  Kurogiri's appearance is rather distinct, and certainly a side effect of his quirk and what it can do. He's a being made almost entirely of smoke. Though a small part of him is presumably solid, as proven by Bakugo's attacks. His vulnerability is made obvious by the level of protection he gives this area.

9 Muscular

Muscular deserves to be on this list for multiple reasons. His ability set alone makes him extremely formidable, but then his personality and the level to which he enjoys killing... need we say more?

Muscular has killed off named killers, even if we didn't get much of a chance to know them previously, and he certainly would have killed off more characters had Deku not intervened. Deku's fight against Muscular was one of his toughest ones yet. Muscular forced Deku to go all out—and it cost him dearly.

8 Twice

Jin Bubaigawara, aka Twice, is another villain that deserves to be on this list. Twice has a unique and incredibly useful quirk; he can make duplicates of himself and any other character. Being able to duplicate himself would have been enough to make him a powerful villain, but being able to do it to others? It makes him a great support character.

Twice is a tortured and conflicted character. The downside to his ability is that he's never certain of who the 'original' him is, or if it was ever the main Twice that exists now. It's hard to say where Twice would have ended up, had he not been so tortured by his very own quirk.

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7 Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga is a fan favorite. She's also a villain that has never felt the need for an alias., and we can hardly blame her there. Toga's blood lust and quirk are linked; Toga can turn into anybody she pleases, but she needs to ingest their blood first.

Toga loves her role in the League of Villains. In fact, she actively sought them out. Granted, she did it all in an attempt to emulate her hero, Stain, but still, she's more than willing to commit any crimes they ask of her, including murder.

6 Dabi

Dabi certainly looks the part of a stereotypical villain, doesn't he? Half of his face, some of his hands and feet, and who knows what other parts have been replaced in a Frankenstein-like manner. Combine that with his ability to create and control fire and it's no wonder he found his way to the League of Villains.

Dabi's fire is even more terrifying than it looks at first. The flames are a brilliant blue, which, while being quite pretty, does imply that they may be burning at a higher temperature. That hasn't been confirmed, but based on how quickly he can damage and destroy a person, we're left to believe that this is the case.

5 Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki is a villain that needs no secondary name. Though in time he may pick one up, especially if he continues to follow in his master's footsteps. His intellect and grudge against all heroes—but especially All Might—would be enough to make him a dangerous villain, and that's before taking into account his quirks.

Tomura has multiple quirks thanks to his master's quirk; the ability to take and give quirks. He has enhanced strength and speed, and he's likely more durable as well. But his most terrifying quirk is his ability to disintegrate skin on contact.

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4 Stain

In the world of My Hero Academia, Stain is without a doubt one of the most famous villains out there. His actions inspired dozens of other villains to step up and follow his path, meaning that Stain is dangerous for secondary reasons as well.

Stain has the ability to freeze his opponent's movement, but it requires him to lick some of their blood first. There is some variation in how long he can freeze an opponent thanks to blood types. However, that usually isn't a concern since he'll have dispatched the target well before they get the chance to recover.

Believe it or not, Stain has very strong opinions about heroes. He seems to believe that many of the ones out there aren't 'true' heroes, and thus deserve to die. There are exceptions to this belief—such as All Might. It's clear that he also believes that Deku is an exception since he saved the boy without hesitation.

3 Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia is not a hero who has made his appearance in the anime yet. So, if you're looking to avoid spoilers, skip ahead now. Gigantomachia is an enormous villain and one who is unwavering in his loyalty to All for One.

Gigantomachia is quite possibly one of the most powerful villains out there—at least when it comes to pure strength. He served as All for One's bodyguard for years, which should say enough right there. He's also fought heroes and police and won, and taken on the League of Villains without a problem.

2 Overhaul

Kai Chisaki, aka Overhaul, is a villain who was only just introduced in the anime. He's cunning and more than a little bit terrifying. He's also completely ruthless, and there's no doubt that he's heartless as well. Overhaul has the ability to disassemble and reassemble anything. Objects, buildings, people, you name it—and no, he doesn't have to put something back together once he's taken it apart. He could use this ability for good, as proven by the people he's healed. But more often than not he's used it for evil.

Chisaki ends up being one of the more dramatic fights in the manga. In fact, that fight should hopefully be coming up in the next season, and we couldn't be more excited about it! He takes on multiple villains and truly pushes Deku to his limits.

1 All For One

Of course, All For One ended up being number one on this list. He's the longtime antagonist to All Might, as well as to anyone who has held the power of One For All. His ability is one that could have been used for good—probably)—but instead he uses it for his own gains. All For One has the ability to transfer quirks. That means he can take any quirk he wants for himself. It also means he can give them to his followers, ensuring their loyalty.

All For One's ability to be ruthless and to plan ahead are what makes him a truly dangerous villain. It's clear that he isn't afraid of the long game, including, but not limited to, the plan to train an eventual successor out of Tomura.

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